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This Week's Calendar: August 22, 2017

The Staff of New Providence welcomes you to the new school year.

We are ready to cultivate excellence!

Monday: NO SCHOOL - Eclipse Day

Tuesday: 1st day of school

Friday: Substitute Training @ 8:30 in Learning Commons; Volunteer Training @ 10:00 in Learning Commons

Welcome to New Teachers and Staff

2nd grade – Allison Blewett (Moved from 4th grade)

3rd grade – Heather Adams and Jennie King (Mrs. Adams is a new teacher and Mrs. King transferred from Meadow Glen Elementary.)

4th grade – Becky Kubinak (Mrs. Kubinak is from Texas and has three sons attending NPES)

5th grade – Nicole Estridge (Mrs. Estridge transferred from Meadow Glen Elementary)

Related Arts – Callie Holman (Music teacher); Tracie Lake (PE teacher); Merri Anna Allred (School Librarian)

SpEd – Deb Churchill and Karen Kinsel (Instructional Assistants in Kerri Dowdy’s class); Allison Bonnette (additional speech teacher)

First Week Morning Procedure

All visitors are expected to report to the front office first, show an ID, and required to have a visitor’s badge to proceed pass the office. We will allow adults to walk students to class for the first week of school without signing in at the office because we have extra NPE staff along our hallways. However, beginning Monday August 28th, if you want to walk your child pass the office, you will need to check in at the school office with your photoID and get a visitor's pass.

Car Line Safety

For the safety of our children, please...

  • refrain from texting or talking on phones in moving car lines.
  • do not drop off children in parking lots.
  • make sure your car line sign is hung in your front window so it can be seen.

Please share this with the person who brings or picks-up your child from school.

Transportation Changes

If you need to change your child's way of going home, please hand write a note to send in with your child. Please do not send an email or call the teacher as they may not receive the message before dismissal. If you plan for your child to ride a bus other than his own regular bus (i.e., riding home with a friend) you must obtain clearance through the school office. Our goal is for your child to be sent home the way you are expecting them to go home. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Lunch Money

NEW! Per district policy, student accounts may only have $10.00 owed to them. Once student accounts have over $10.00 owed, children will receive lunch choice D which is a sandwich, fruit, and drink. Please make every effort to pay on your child's lunch account or send lunch to school with your child.

Code to the Future

Lexington County School District One and New Providence Elementary School are pleased to announce our partnership with Code To The Future, the nation’s leading Computer Science program for magnet and theme-based schools. New Providence will become one of the first Computer Science Immersion Schools in South Carolina. Our students will have the opportunity to learn fundamentals of Computer Coding as part of their daily curriculum. Through this 21st century literacy, students will develop critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills. Through the partnership with Code To The Future, teachers will be able engage students through block and text-based coding activities to enhance their education experiences through Computer Science. Students will have another avenue to apply problem solving, team building, and presentation skills as they collaborate and share their thinking process with peers. Coding will be an exciting, integrated enhancement to the excellent learning already taking place at New Providence Elementary.

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