Mrs. Shepard's Music

Kindergarten, First Grade, & Third Grade

May 1-11, 2018

Dear Wonderful Monroe Families,

It seems like each letter I write lately begins with the phrase, "time is flying quickly". It truly is! We are zooming to the finish line of this amazing school year. Due to the testing schedule over the last couple of weeks, some classes are still completing activities and skills from the end of April. We will continue on as planned, finishing up key concepts for this year and reviewing all of the amazing things we have learned.


Our big focus for these next couple of weeks will be learning two special songs and poem for the Kindergarten promotion. We are so excited to show you what we are working on. We are having so much fun learning our songs for the performance, however; some of the words and actions seem challenging at first. Today, I heard many students say that they are worried about making a mistake. I always encourage kiddos to do their best and I remind them that mistakes are okay! For many kindergartners, this is the first time they will "perform" in front of an audience so that can be a little scary. If you notice that your little one is worried about their promotion songs, talk with them about their worries and reassure them that all will be well! I am so proud of all their hard work this year and can't wait for you to watch them shine!

In addition to promotion performance, kindergarten students are learning to recognize the direction of melodic patterns ascending and descending. We are also learning to distinguish between a steady beat and the rhythm of familiar songs. Songs and games for this week include March of the Dinosaurs, The Lunchbox Song, Mary Wore a Red Dress, and A Tisket, A Tasket.

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First Grade

First-grade students are continuing to learn about music expression through dynamics and tempo. We are back to our regular specials schedule now that testing has concluded. To deepen our understanding of tempo, we will learn an Isreali folk dance called Achshav. This dance also reinforces our understanding of the musical form ABB and features accelerando throughout. First graders really love this dance as it speeds up and becomes more exciting.

Later this week and next week, we will look more at the musical element of form. Students will learn to recognize parts of a song that are the same(refrain) and different(verse). First Graders will identify verse and refrain in the following songs: Leapin’ Lizards, Mister Rabbit, and a Spanish counting song. We will also learn a Chinese Folk song called Cha Yang Wu.

Third Grade

Third-grade students are continuing to learn about the instruments of the orchestra and Peter and the Wolf. Students are finishing up their active listening guides and will bring those home in a couple of weeks when we are done.

In addition to our study of the orchestra, we will be working on the partner songs: Walking Home/Rocky Mountain. We will add body percussion to this song as well. We will We are also working to identify and interpret meter signatures of 3⁄4 and 4/4. Students are continuing to identify common notation elements such as Key Signatures, Double Bar Lines, and Repeat Signs in familiar songs.

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