Join Us for a Virtual Open House!

Next Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021

Open House/Curriculum Night - Wednesday, September 29

We are off to a great start in both our in-person instruction and our Virtual Academy. Through your continued partnership, our students were quickly engaged in their learning and our Beck teachers are making important connections with their new students.

Our annual Open House is an important way that we can keep positive energy moving forward. The Open House allows our teachers and parents to address course expectations for students and to establish avenues for communicating during this school year. Please plan on taking part in Beck’s Open House on Wednesday, September 29.

Please note for elementary Virtual Academy families – you will also be attending an open house for the virtual academy that will be held as well on Wednesday, September 29th. You will be receiving additional information regarding meeting your child’s teacher from the program administrator, Dr. Blum.

This year, our Open House will be held virtually using a Teams format. Holding a virtual open house is consistent with health and safety protocols to limit large gatherings inside our school. Within the next couple of days, we will be sharing additional information with you regarding how to access this direct link with your child’s teacher(s).

The home-school partnership is an integral part of our school’s success. We look forward to meeting with you to provide updates on our school, hear directly from your child’s teacher(s), and continue the conversations on how we continue to work together for the success of all of our students.

Mrs. Christine Wilson


Open House Schedule Wed., Sept. 29 6:30 & 7:15 p.m.

  • Principal and Superintendent's Welcome and Teacher Session via TEAMs Session I (6:30pm-7:05pm)
  • Teacher Session II via Microsoft TEAMs Session II (7:15-7:45 PM)

Holding two sessions allows for a parent to attend sessions for two children. Session II is a repeat of Session I; you need only attend one session per teacher/child.

Specialist Teachers, Learning Center Teachers, Our Literacy Coach, EL Teacher, & Speech Teacher will also be running sessions for families to sign up for.

SchoolSoft Account

SchoolSoft Account

Families enrolled in UCS during the 2020-21 School year should already have a SchoolSoft account. You will be receiving an email from notifying you that the sign-up for Open House will begin Tuesday, Sept. 21st at 6:00am. Please note that the email references “Registration Conferences” because SchoolSoft has limited category options. This email is for Open House. Please note that the word “Conference” and “Open House” are used interchangeably in these directions.

If you attended conferences last year for any UCS building, you already have an account. You need to go to the following website to login:

Directions for accessing and setting up your SchoolSoft Conference Account are included below. We’ve also included an attachment you print off with step-by-step directions and a video:

The links are below:


New to Utica Community Schools?

Families of new enrollees coming into UCS this year will need to create a SchoolSoft account by following these steps:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Register for a parent account. To register click the REGISTER NOW button and complete the registration page. Once registered you will be able to immediately log in to the Conference Manager. An email will also be sent to the address you specified. This email restates your username and password and should be saved, as you will use the same username and password when booking future rounds of Parent-Teacher Conferences. If you forget your password, you can reset it using the FORGOT PASSWORD link under the login button.
How to Participate in a Virtual Open House

All Registered . . . What's next?

Once you’ve registered your students and set up your account, you can log in to the Conference Manager any time. The directions below are how to book your Open House sessions when they open up on Tuesday, September 21st at 6:00am. You will need to know your child’s teacher to book the correct session.

Click the BOOK A CONFERENCE button and select a conference date/time in the drop-down that appears. You will be able to choose, Session 1 or Session 2.

  • Session 1: 6:30pm-7:05pm
  • Session 2: 7:15pm-7:45pm

Then, select the teacher you wish to meet with and click the NEXT button.

Click on an available time slot for the teacher you selected and complete the booking form that appears.

When finished selecting the appropriate teacher for you child(ren), you should see the booking appear in the summary list on the right-hand side of the screen. A confirmation email is sent for each booking you made or subsequently cancel. You will also receive a reminder and conference itinerary by email.

  1. Confirm your appointments have been booked by looking at the “CURRENTLY BOOKED CONFERENCES” box on the right of the screen or click on the MY CONFERENCES tab. Only appointments that appear in the CURRENTLY BOOKED CONFERENCES box or on the MY CONFERENCES page are confirmed bookings.
  2. When finished booking, click the log off button located at the top right of the browser window. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the use of the Conference Manager to the school administration through a user survey before completely exiting. We appreciate you completing the survey as this helps guide our decision-making regarding how conferences are booked in the future.
  3. You will receive a link to your video conference from the day of open house/conferences.

Open House Schedule

Session I (6:30-7:05 PM)

  • Principal and Superintendent's Welcome
  • Teacher Session via Microsoft Teams

Session II (7:15-7:40 PM)

  • Teacher Session via Microsoft Teams (repeat of Session I)

Holding two sessions allows for a parent to attend sessions for two children. Session II is a repeat of Session I; you need only attend one session per teacher/child.