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Issue 12, February 2019

Welcome Back

Welcome to 2019! We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and that all had the opportunity for some rest and relaxation.

A quick look back at 2018 shows that this was a year in which we strengthened our connections with staff in the divisions, with our academic colleagues and with the senior leadership. This leaves us well placed to continue working on efficiencies in process and service delivery for our students and colleagues as we move into 2019.

The coming year is shaping up to be another one where our University is focussed on the student experience and growth through new opportunities and operational improvements. Key focus areas for our Professional Teams will be the new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, prospective to converted functions (i.e. Admissions), Winchester Report recommendations and the Brand Transformation Project (i.e. Brand Renewal Framework).

With all this going on, we want to ensure you feel supported and valued, and a great way for you to get involved and understand more about what this all means for you, is to complete your EDRS discussion with your Manager. Our Managers have been attending preparation sessions and you should see these conversations starting to happen with you. We encourage you to be prepared, and open and honest to get the most out of setting up your EDRS plan for the year.

In this issue we will focus on how we INSPIRE those around us. We want our colleagues to see us as reliable and able to find opportunity for making improvements. Recently, and across the Faculties, our Course Administration Teams have been actively assisting DSA and the Admissions Office in processing applicants to our courses. The teams have been helping with managing any backlogs of applications, and making calls to applicants to chase up outstanding documents so that offers can be sent.

Well done teams! Cross Unit collaboration at it’s best. Our thanks to you all for your concerted efforts in assisting with this critical work

As always, we trust you will enjoy this issue and are happy to receive your feedback at any time.


The EDRS process for professional staff has now commenced for the 2019 calendar year.

Remember that preparation is key to getting the most out of EDRS meetings. In preparation for your meeting, remember

  • Identify your performance goals for the upcoming year
  • Create a balance of objectives related to your development and work tasks
  • Make your goals SMART(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely) and aligned to the CSU Values

Lynda.com stakeholder Group

As staff members, we all have access to Lynda.com, a library of courses (video’s) to help us learn new business, creative or software skills. All levels of learners are catered for and you can learn when it suits you. How perfect!

Big picture

Take a look!!! Consider adding a course or two to your professional development for the year, and don’t forget to record this in your EDRS plan!

Updated Faculty Contacts

The updated Faculty contact list can be found here.


Once again, Ronald McDonald House features as a recipient of some recent fundraising at CSU. Following on from the successful morning teas held by the Faculty of Science professional teams during October, where over $1,000 was raised and donated, the group discussed possible future activities and the Christmas tree for RMH was born. A Christmas tree was placed in the Hub on the Wagga campus, and later moved to Crave, and staff were encouraged to place items that would be of use by the charity. Many donations were received and passed on prior to Christmas.

Another great example of community engagement! Well done to the organisers and contributors!

Which Browser for which system???

Ever had trouble accessing or using a CSU system in your Browser? Did you know there are recommended browsers for some of the systems we use daily?

Check out Browser-Support for more info and a list of preferred browsers for some of the commonly used systems.

If you need to install a different browser to access your system more effectively, go to Software-Installation for instructions on how to do this.


CSM Evaluation Project Completion

The CSM Project Working Group and CSM Project Team were established in July 2018 to action items identified as the responsibility of the Faculty Administration Managers (FAM) or Faculty Functional Teams as a result of the CSM Implementation review.

The work of the Project Team is now nearing completion with a final report due for submission to the senior Leadership in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who completed the ‘Check-in’ Survey late last year. Your feedback is assisting with the final report and we will share results with you in the next FAM News.

Even though the formal project will end, Faculty Teams will continue to work on reviewing and implementing improvements to key focus areas (i.e. AO to HOS role) and procedures, while ensuring day to day tasks continue to be completed. There is now an embedded focus on continuous improvement as the team managers focus on the future.

The Project has provided the opportunity to review and embed a solution focused ethos, implement resolutions and set goals for future improvements. Within the Project scope, a review of existing issues which were thought to be as a result of the CSM was undertaken and upon re-evaluation were re-classified as pre-existing of the CSM. Pre-existing and continuing issues will be reviewed and resolved as part of Business as Usual (BAU) activities or Continuous Improvement initiatives rather than referenced as CSM. The use of positive language and solutions focus will continue to be embedded and underpinned by CSU values.

CRM Project

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) will transform how we establish and maintain relationships with students, alumni and partners. The new CRM will replace our existing Talisma system and will help us create better ways of working by improving business processes that deliver optimal, integrated services.

Why are we changing?

To be a market leader in attracting and retaining students, we need an improved system that enables us to have a single view of the student. We need to be able to have more effective, supported, personalised and engaged connections with students, alumni and partners.

What does this mean for you?

January to March (2019)

· Discovery workshops to occur with Managers and Operational Advisory Group (from across CSU).

· Will look at business processes and functional requirements.

· Detailed roadmap created from input and feedback to assist with planning.

April to August (2019)

· Implementation (multiple and staged releases).

Faculty Team Representatives on Operational Advisory Group are below:

Big picture

Offer Decision Project

The Offer Decision project looks to improve on the work done by the Applicant Experience Project and make further enhancements to the decision phases of Offer Accept, Decline or Defer.

The result will be enhancements to the management/support of the Applicants plus reduce the work overhead currently experienced by staff. The steering committee is currently finalising its communication plan to provide all stakeholders with information about the changes and the support that will be available to our newest of students. ‘Go-Live’ is expected by end Feb.


On Campus & Online Orientation 2019

Full details are available here.

Staff Q&A Sessions will be occurring the 11 to 15 February and published to What’s New shortly by Division of Student Services.

Key Dates

31 January | Orientation timetable went live!

16 February to 3 March | Online Orientation delivery

25 February to 1 March | On campus Orientation delivery

Graduation Feedback

Thank you to everyone who supported our graduating students at our ceremonies.

The Division of Student Administration is seeking feedback from across the University and we encourage you to share your experience here.

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CSU Ethos

yindyamarra winhanganha means the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in.

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