EPIC Poetry

By: Megan Robison =^-^=

What is EPIC Poetry

An epic poem is long, narrative poem that usually describes an heroic deed, event, tales, etc. that is significant to the poet. Many of the world's oldest written narratives are epic poems, examples are below.

The Purpose of these Poems

There are multiple purposes for a certain poetic form. Some believe that the purpose of Epic Poems is to describe the past. Such as Greeks gods and goddesses or another heroic event that is significant to them.


Some characteristics are:

  • The hero of the poem is outstanding and represents a cultures heroic ideal.
  • The setting is large.
  • The action involved superhuman deeds.

Examples of Epic Poems

A few examples are

Babylonian Gilgamesh, the Sanskrit Mahabharata, Homer's Lliad and Odyssey, etc.

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