Desert Biome

Mrs. Walsh

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What is it like in the desert?


Deserts are very dry places. They receive less than 10 inches of precipitation each year. When it does rain, it usually dries up quickly. In some deserts, the hot sun can make the temperature of the ground reach 120 degrees Fahreheit. But at night these deserts can be cold because there are no clouds to trap the heat near the ground.

The Land

The landscape of a desert can be bare rock, small stones or just sand. Desert winds can blow the sand into dunes. These dunes are always moving and changing shape. Sometimes underground water comes to the surface. It is called an oases.
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Were are deserts found?

  • Deserts can be found on 6 continents.
  • The largest desert is the Sahara and it is located in northern Africa.
  • The Great Basin is the largest desert in the United States.


Saguaro Cactus

The Saguaro Cactus is well-suited to the desert because it likes a hot, dry climate and rocky terrain. In order to survive the cactus soaks up water and stores it in it's ribs. The roots spread out to collect water from a greater area. It's waxy skin protects the water from evaporation.

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Animal Life


The bobcat likes to make the desert its home because of the rocky and bushy terrain. The bushes give shade and rocks are a good hiding place. The like to live alone in their territory. The bobcat's diet consist of rabbits, squirrels, mice, gophers,rats, and fish. They're good at catching all their prey because of their hunting ability.

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