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Exhibition Reflection #1

Going into exhibition I think I’m strested out about it all ready because I’m so exited! I’m very eager about finding out what my topic is and who my group members are! I’m also very exited to just start making my mark on the world by helping out my community! I feel like I’m the type of person who will get so into my topic that ill soon start to not even think about the marks ill just be honestly think about what to do next and what is the biggest way I can really benafit from this project and at the same time help my community!

On the other side of things which is the stress side, I’m a little bit concerned that we only have 7 weeks, I mean this sounds like a lot but from what I’ve herd this is a really big project and I wonder if ill be able to pull this all off!

By: Mara Wittick

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reflection 2

Exhibition Reflection

In exhibition so far I think I have showed being a Communicator and being Open ~ Minded! I’ve bean a communicator because I share all of my ideas and thoughts to my group members every time we meet. Like at the very beginning of the project when we were dissuading if we should focus on the great lakes or the ocean, I put all of my concerns and ideas on the table regarding our topic! I showed being Open ~ Minded because, I’ve taken into acount my group members ideas and emotions and thoughts! An example of this is when, I made a survey test for our primary research and my group members had some input about the test and I listened shared then did it!

Some ideas going forward are making a bid clay diorama of our polluted ocean, I’ve not yet told my group members about it but I'm sure when I do they will like it! So far we have not had any conflicts. But we have had a small disagreement, it was between Anudev and I and was about who was to going to be aniseed the the grade 8 class to do the the test! Both of us had a bit of stage fright. But the resolution was that Anudev compromised and he did the grade 8 but i said i would do one class of his.

Reflection#4/3 mara

Over Exhibition I have developed many research skills. Like, I've developed planning skills because I make many different brain storms and lists. I've also developed collecting data skills because we did a sevay on all the lower school students, which was challenging but made our communication and time management skills stronger!

One of the most challenging parts of researching is finding websites that

have proper and true information on them! That is why the inciclopitia and books are great sources!

mentore reflection#4 Exhibition

Our mentors so far, have helped my group and I so much! They have edited our work, given us ideas, and gave us suggestions, but one of the most amazing things that Mrs. Woodward and Mrs. Timpano have dun for us, was that they both gave part of their Sunday to help our whole group collect garbage from coronation park! At the beginning we all met at all different parking lots, but as always they helped us get together to sort things out, and soon we all started cleaning the beach. I have bean very privileged to be apart of such great group and have amazing mentor teachers!

Reflection #5 Art

Two attitudes that I feel I have shown through out are art component are, Independence and tolerance. Ive bean independenceness because I worked on some of the art component alone and I was very forest. The thing Ive worked on is our clay polluted bird. I also showed being tolerant because I have helped Evan though out our whole project not just art with really making him involved and focused. In result to this I think he has learned a lot of English!

Reflection#6 Media

Some of the things that I have contributed to our groups media component are as fallowing, I helped my group chews our song that will be played during the pictures show on the screen. I also gave a lot of my ideas and import on our slide show, such as editing. These are reasons definitely support my thought that the whole group and I have contributed equaley.

Exhibition reflection #9

Reflection #9

(Other group presentations)

One of the presentations that I think stud out so far was the Aquatic Invaders presentation! They engaged the audience and they spoke with eye contact and expression! One interesting fact that I remember from their presentation is, “The Asian Carp can eat 40% of its body wait in algae! I found this really cool and interesting. Some questions the the group put in my minde were, how big are the sepsis and, what kind of other invasive sepsis are there? They managed to acer these questions trough out the presentation. Over all it was very well done.

Reflection 8 - Oral Component

The best part of the oral presentation was getting to connect to the audience through our presentation and our hard work. One of the presentation skills I showed was maintaining eye contact. The hardest part of the rap component was to decide who was saying what slides because we all wanted to speak. In the end we all divided equally. People tend to remember the facts about Red Bird Reef because we did a quiz questions on it. Overall, the oral component was really fun.

Reflection#8 ( My Presentation )