Weapons of WW1

By: Jolene

Have you ever wondered about how the Allies won World War I? Maybe it was because of the weapons. Barbed wire snagged on equipment and clothing, machine guns fired 500 bullets a minute, and tanks travelled at walking speed.

Tanks were first used in 1916 and were good because the armour was impervious to gun fire, and they could cross trenches and barbed wire.

World War I was also the first major war where air planes were used, and were invented just eleven years before the war began.

Poison Gas also had its start during the war. And there were lots of different kinds like tear gas, mustard gas, phosgene gas, and chlorine gas. But there was a way to keep safe: gas masks. Poison gas and high explosives caused World War I to occasionally be called "The Chemists War".