July Newsletter!

What You Need to Know Now :o)

Upcoming Events!

Slim Down, Live Well in Long Beach!

Check out our next event at the Rec Center in Long Beach this coming Saturday morning 10:30-11:30am! All attendee's leave with a sample, and everyone is entered in a raffle for a FREE 15ml Grapefruit Essential Oil! So exciting!!

Join Monique Edgar: dōTERRA Premier Wellness Advocate and Stephanie Marino: Certified Holistic Health Coach to discuss how to live well naturally!

SpŌil Yourself Sexy in Babylon!

Join us for another Girls Night In at Water2Moon Spray Tan Studio in Babylon Village Wednesday evening, the 22nd for a night filled with games, prizes, lots of fun and laughter! Sorry boys, this one's girls only! But send your woman our way, you'll be happy you did!

Hosted by Amanda Chan, owner and operator of Water2Moon Natural Spray Tan Studio

An Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop in Southampton!

Livin' the Long Island Summer Life out east this year? Come out to the Joshua Place in Southampton on Monday, July 27th at 7pm for a great introduction to the many benefits of essential oils! This is a hands-on experiential class, so get ready for the endless possibilities that these oils can help produce in your life!

Hosted by Barbara Intermaggio, Certified Reiki Master Teacher and long-time Herbal Healer and Wellness Enthusiast

RSVP with us for a FREE SAMPLE at events@bigfishwellness.com

or text or call (631) 721-5448 for more info


$562.50 value FREE!? - THIS IS HUGE!

We cannot begin to discuss our excitement... ROSE OIL!!
Rose is likely the most precious of all oils, it speaks to all of the body's needs. Ever wonder why we chose the rose to send to loved ones? It's medicinal benefits are lightyears above most others, addressing general and complex needs of all us humans!! Rose oil is super expensive in part because of high demand, but more so because of the many tons (somewhere around 8,000 lbs) of just the blossom, no stem or root or other plant material, it takes to create just 35 ounces of oil! These numbers can help you understand how concentrated this oil is, especially when you compare it to it's wonderful scent from a fresh-cut bouquet. This oil is not offered for retail, but you can find it in two of our blends, Immortelle and Whisper, and in our Healing Hands Foundation Rose Lotion, who's $20 price tag goes completely to charity efforts for growers and communities in developing countries. This is a VERY SPECIAL OFFER! <-- more info here

..oh, and by the way, we also are offering JASMINE! Holy Canoli!! Get on this NOW!! Time is of the essence!! :o)

Sunsational Oils Promo Extended!!

Did you know!? dōTERRA has extended a very special Sunsational Flavors Promotion through July 15th! Receive 4 new* and exclusive oils of Dill, Spearmint, Cumin and Tangerine FREE with ANY 200pv orders placed through the 15th of the month! These oils are not available for sale through dōTERRA, to the only way to get them is through this promo. Get 'em while they're hot!

Make a 200pv order today and Get this delivered right to your home by shopping now!

Need to know more? *text or call us at (631) 721-5448 to save on shipping!

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Go Ahead, Press Play, You Know You Want To!

Ahmed Tawfeek

Erykah Badu - Apple Tree by Ahmed Tawfeek
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Take Control of You and Your Family's Healthcare The Natural Way

Congratulations on your interest in becoming the happiest, healthiest you! A journey towards better health can sometimes seem intimidating, but no worries, you're not on your own! We're here to help :o)

We've made it our business to be an elite support system for those looking for some change in this world.

Filled with tons of personal experience and a passion for serving others, our crew at Big Fish Wellness is looking to guide everyone to their path of fulfillment. This means we'll be on call for you, to answer any questions, to help with any obstacles, and to ensure your success in living a happier life- free of charge.

*Check out the dōTERRA mission statement here

With the proper tools, like our miraculous Essential Oil knowledge and our ability to gather people in a like-minded community with the goal of healthier living, we're able to meet all of your needs- whether making a life-style change, or simply enhancing your potential from where you are right now.

We meet all over Long Island daily, and are available to reach at our office from 8am-9pm M-F EST. For those of you not around the area, hakuna matata, our lifestyle ideals are implementable anywhere! "Like" us on Facebook and subscribe to our email list for the latest meet-ups :o)

FREE 15ml Lemongrass Essential Oil!

What a deal this month! For those of you on Loyalty Rewards, (or who have enrolled as a wellness advocate before June 1st) you have the opportunity to earn a FREE bottle of Lemongrass Essential Oil!! Many people have heard of the many benefits of lemongrass, but until you've used it for achy joints or as an insect repellant, you've only scratched the surface of the power this oil has! If you haven't tried it yet, get your FREE bottle this month!!

**Order 125pv through LRP on or before 7/15 to qualify

Not on Loyalty Rewards? What are you waiting for! This is the best and most common way people purchase product. Earn 10-30% back on orders, reimbursed shipping and FREE product! Talk to your enroller today or call/text us at (631) 721-5448 for more details on why LRP is the way to be :o)

Schedule your very own Make & Take Class!

Choose from: Roller Bottle Remedies, Gardening Necessities, Work-Out Essentials, Slim Down Specialties, Summer Sun Fun (including Natural Bug Spray, After-Sun Care, and more)

*dates available above!

Schedule a Class and Receive a FREE 5ml Wild Orange!

Cold-pressed from the orange peel, wild orange is excellent for energizing and revitalizing. It is also commonly used as an effective tool for uplifting mood, as well as for its wonderful citrus aroma. Add to a mix of water, white vinegar, and baking soda and safely and effectively clean your whole home for less than $1!

*Try adding 2 drops to 12 oz water in a glass water bottle and drink as a gentle detoxifier and mood lifter, or simply inhale 3 drops in hands deeply to re-energize the mind and body

Where Do We Begin?

Your health and happiness matter, and we want to help!

FREE 20-minute personal Wellness Consultation + FREE Gift!

**reserved for the first 5 inquiries each month - schedule yours today!

We will discuss personal goals and concerns that can help focus in on how to start making healthier choices. It's up to you how aggressive you'd like to be in making positive change, so if it's simply drinking more water you're interested in, we've got you. If it's an entire gut and organ routine detox you want, we have the protocol for you as well, along with great recipes and at-home practices you can implement.

We'll also discuss the basics of a balanced life and what that can mean for your overall wellness. Practicing personal development is crucial to becoming the best you!

For your FREE Wellness Consult, RSVP now! Call or text us today at (631) 721-5448

Become a Wholesale Member today and take advantage of the smartest way to get the products you need!

Get It Now!!! Includes: (*other enrollment kits available)

-5ml bottles of: Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Melaleuca, Oregano, OnGuard, Breathe, Deep Blue and DigestZen

-FREE 15ml Slim & Sassy

-FREE premium oil sample with wellness consult**limited time

-Wholesale membership (25% off all products for full year)

-FREE retail website (earn 25% commission!)


**Learn how to best use these oils in our Home Essentials Flyer!

Are You Taking Your Daily Vitamins and Supplements?

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Simply Natural Solutions May Events

Our Long Island Leader and dōTERRA Gold Terri Pace is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge on essential oils. She holds classes to help spread the word on the healing powers of these beyond-organic, ultra-therapeutic, certified pure oils to help empower us all to lead healthier lives. Check out her eventbrite page here! You do not want to miss these opportunities!

Weekly Call with Laura Jacobs

Interested in some leadership from one of the top mentors in the entire company? Laura Jacobs has a downline of over 110,000 people and manages more than $70 million in annual sales for dōTERRA (WHAT!?) I'm on her weekly call, and you should be too. Head over to her website to register or surf through recorded sessions: http://discoverbrilliantsolutions.com

When? Every Monday Morning

What time? 12pm EST

2015 doTERRA Jamaica Incentive Trip Highlights

Punta Cana, DR Incentive Trip: January, 2016

Interested in winning yourself a stay at the beautiful NOW Larimar all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana? Who DOESN'T want to get away next winter!?

  • An Unlimited Number of 5th Place Winners Will Receive:
  • 5 Night Stay for TWO!
  • Transfers (to/from the airport/resort)
  • Taxes & Gratuities
  • DR Tourist Card
  • 200 Product Credit Points*
  • New Team Benchmark!! A huge shout-out to our entire organization--- June was our first $10,000 month!!!

    DRUMROLL PLEASE!!! ......


    The excitement is REAL! Our very own Brittany Edgar has achieved her goal of Premier in June!! We are beyond proud of her efforts in guiding her truly amazing leaders to their own success, and sharing the miraculous benefits of essential oils with others. Brittany is well on her way to a lifetime of success, including her newest business venture PowerPal, assisting event-goers in always having a fully-charged battery so they never miss a beat! They've recently teamed up with one of the best of the best in music festivals, Gathering of the Vibes! Awesome stuff, Brittany! Your efforts continue to show your passion for helping us all life life to the fullest! <3

    Marisa Neiderauer is now a EXECUTIVE!!

    When we said she was our fastest-growing advocate, we were not lying!!! This girl has only been enrolled for 2 and a half months and is now one of the top leaders on Brittany's team! Marisa is easily one of the kindest spirits you'll ever meet, always looking to see the positive in any situation and takes a strong stand on empowering others to live a happy life true to self. To say she's an inspiration is an understatement, I advise all to take a page out of her book. Keep rockin, Marisa! We can't wait to see you on the track at Riverhead!

    Follow Marisa's racing career on facebook HERE!

    Congratulations To Our Latest Rank Advancements!

    Michael Gerhardt, Tommy Gisbert and one of our newest Advocates Valentina Cingari are now Directors!

    Melissa Burke, Danielle Cooley, and Louis Catalano are now Managers!

    I'd like to recognize some of our out-of state leaders:

    Eric Bernstorff is our head Colorado leader and maintains a solid Executive rank! dōTERRA is wildly popular in their area and Eric continues to use and share his unique and powerful understanding with all who he crosses paths with. He currently is leading our team with the top number of 400pv+ enrollments and has business growing in multiple US states and Denmark! Awesome job, Eric! Keep up the great work!

    Jaclyn Langwost is a wonderful Director and leads our group in Maryland. In addition to her AromaTouch Certification, Jaclyn has recently received her 200hr Yoga Certification, and leads more than 7 classes weekly along with an Essential Oils Workshop at Eastern Shore Yoga in Easton, MD. Congratulations on all of your hard work! Check out their website if you're in the area!

    Big Fish Wellness - We Care

    Big Fish Wellness is founded by Monique Edgar with support from her sister Brittany and mother Diane. Along with the help of her great friends and family, Big Fish has set up a community organization with a goal of changing the perspective on healthcare. With a passion for opening peoples minds to greater (and healthier!) physical, mental and emotional possibilities, we've helped over one hundred people make profound positive changes in their lives. Not too bad for our first year on the map! Our business is exponentially growing, and we'd like to thank you all for your support and the courage to make a change. Cheers to you!