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An adventurer was born in 1500 in Southwestern Spain by the name of Hernando de Soto. Growing up Hernando knew he would grow up to leave home.Hernando wanted to go to India to gather spices, silk and pearls. Hernando had an older brother, they lived in a small town named Jerez Delos Calleros.

.As a child Hernandos parents died, at the time the oldest sibling would inherit everything there parents owned. Hernando got nothing. When Hernando was young he probibly dreamed of being a knight or a soldier

Hernando pictured himself a hero.the Moors attacked Spain in 711. Hernando was proud to say that some of his relatives fought in the battle. With the Moors defeated in 1492, Spain became a land of peace, aspiring adventurers had to go somewher else for adventure.

First Journey To The America

The Pedrarias Welcomed Hernando Aboard They knew that the chief can be strict or even cruel to the people who worked for him, Otherwise he was a strong and trusted leader by the king of Spain. They immediately put him to work. they loading at the colony of Derien now known as Central American country of Panima.

April 1514 as dawn broke people could see 20 ships fleeing the docking bay. Henando probably felt frightened as as over 20,000 families bided farewell to there loved ones during there journey Hernando soon became second in command.He gained there respect as a skilled horse rider and swordsmen

Back to America

Yep everyone's favorite explorer is back in America many people dead many ran away he went. Hernando met a man from earlier expedition, Henando almost killed him when he yelled out don't kill me I'm a Spaniard he was then used as an interpreter

Hernando is in what is now Georgia Hernando came across a village with a woman chief at first ,she gave him many gifts and food (the best gift of all) She gave him pearls which would later turn out to be useless but convinced Hernando of the riches there .

At first Hernado treated her with respect . Hernando tried to impress him with his firearms to reveal her wealth but his plan failed, SO Hernando and his men kidnaped her (YAY!)

Lost in the woods

later in hernandos life, Spain sent the Spanish explorers thee claim land in America.one of these men was Hernando. Hernando landed in Florida.then he travled though out the USA.

His men would stop in local village and or even kidnap the chief and sometimes kill him while his men stole food like squash that the natives had stored for food . Hernando and his men were often cruel. They used torture and murder . Tens of thousands of natives died of small pox and other diseases that the Spanish brought.Hernando and his men usually tried to convert the natives to Christianity and when the natives didn't cooperate his men applied force they had war dogs or attack dogs that usually killed or badly harmed.

death of Hernando

When winter fell many men died on May, 8, 1541 Hernando and his men came across a huge river (now known as the Mississippi river). Hernando was the first explorer to come across this river. they then crossed this river . As they went thouh the swamps forsests and the Ozark mountains , Hernando fell ill. Hernano died in Desha County,His men sunk Hernando's body in the Mississippi river.


swordsmen- someone who knows how to use a sword

strict - demanding the rules

Pedrarias- pirates

inherit- to receive something valuable as someone dies

knight- a solder in medieval times

Moors-medieval Muslims

kidnap -to take someone away illegally

harmed- injured

diseases -sickness

Spaniard-native of Spain

expedition- journey

interpreter - someone who translate

Ozark mountains - low mountains near Missouri Arkansas and Oklahoma

ill- sick

Desha County- a count in Arkansas