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Weekly Update - September 22, 2014

Week in Review

We started Topic 3 in Math, and the big overview of the topic is being able to understand large numbers, 4 digit whole numbers.
In Social Studies we talked about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Amendments, the Branches of Government. We did a really cool government branches sort in teams on Friday, where they had to do their own research with the social studies book and some online links to figure out where certain jobs would be placed in what branch. Quote from a student, "this is not easy Mrs. Longmore, it makes my head hurt." I told her I was doing my job right then.
In writing, we created and changed our opinion pieces. I will be grading those this weekend.
In reading, we are continuing with our small groups, and each small group is working on a non-fiction book. Ask your student what color group they are in and what book they are reading.

Quick reminder, please make sure your child is reading at least 80 minutes a week. I am no longer going to accept reading logs that are less than 80 minutes. They must also summarize their reading, basically telling me what was important out of the section that they read. Thanks for your help with this.

Weekly Calendar

Tuesday, September 23rd
2:25pm: Keyboarding

Wednesday, September 24th
7:55 Razzmatazz
10:30: We have a visit from the the Crider Center
2:00 Library

Thursday, September 25th
Spelling Test

Friday, September 26th

10:30 Assembly-Words from the Drum
We will meet with our 2nd grade buddies today
Students have an Early Release Day. Buses leave at 1:10, if you are picking up in the office, you need to be at the office by 12:45.
Topic 3 Math test

Week 8

This week in Math, we will finish Topic 3. I hope to have the test on Friday, but I may have to push it until Monday.

We finished our social studies unit on important United States documents.
This week we will be starting our first Science Unit. We will be studying adaptations of animals.

Through the objectives, you can see that Science will tie into our writing piece, because we will be learning how to write a research paper.

We will continue using our devices to take quick check quizes in Math, our Daily Common Core Review in the mornings and our Spelling tests. We will also be using them for ebooks this week and our Pearson Realize games during Math groups.

In small reading groups, we are in the middle of our non-fiction books. We will be focusing on identifying the main idea, as outlined in the objectives.

Homework (I will have to add more homework to the list as I get into the Unit 2 this week):
  • Math practice 3-3
  • Friday folders
  • Week of Sept 15th Reading Logs
  • Math Practice 3.4 is due
  • Math Practice 3.5 is due
  • Study for Spelling test
  • Math Practice 3.6 is due
  • Spelling Worksheet is due
  • Spelling Test


  • Topic 3 test

Weekly Objectives

Reading Objective:

  • We will look at the structure and the features of texts, in order to determine the main ideas expected to read in that text
  • We will have an idea of what to expect to learn in each section of text.
  • We will read short sections of text, then stop to name the main ideas presented in nonfiction texts.
  • We will use the Descriptive Structure of a text to identify the main idea and supporting details
  • We will summarize the important information.

Science Objective:

  • We will understand that an adaptation can be a physical structure that helps a living thing survive (either by helping it obtain food, defense from predators, or to survive a certain climate).
  • We will understand that an adaptation can be a behavior that helps a living thing survive (either by helping it obtain food, defend itself, or to survive a certain climate).
  • We will read to find examples of specific physical and behavioral adaptations in animals

Writing Objective:

  • We will get a sense of how informational texts go by analyzing a mentor text, and then plan the structure and categories of the informational topic.
  • We will begin to think about Big 6 Step 1: Task Definition.
  • We will preview a collection of texts before research, thinking about the information/ topics we expect to learn in each

  • We will do Big 6 Steps 1, 2,3 : Task Definition, Information Seeking Strategies and Location and Access

  • We will create an organizer to utilize during research and note taking.

  • We will begin to identify the topic and subtopics we will teach through informational writing.

  • We will set up a boxes and bullets note taking form to reflect the Descriptive Structure and begin taking notes on the topic of choice
  • We will do Big 6 Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4: Information Seeking Strategies, Location & Access and Use of Information

Math Objectives

  • We will apply our knowledge of place value to compare whole numbers through hundred thousands.
  • We will show how to use place value to round whole numbers
  • We will systematically find and record all possible outcomes for a situation


Vowel teams eigh/igh

Spelling-Test on Friday

Vowel teams eigh/igh

  • Vowel teams are one type of syllable.
  • Vowel teams are a combination of 2, 3 or 4 letters that stand for one sound.
  • eigh = long a sound
  • igh = long i sound



· Feature (a part or detail that stands out) Example: text features or animal features.

· Structure (a body part an animal has to survive) Example: structures as in animals/plants, buildings and a way to organize your writing

· Function (the particular purpose for which something is used for) Example: function of ears is to hear.

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