the gulf oil spill

by: maddie thomas

when and where the spill occured

The Gulf Oil Spill happened on April, 20 2010. This oil spill took place on the Gulf of Mexico

how and why the spill occured

The spill was caused by a surge of natural gas that blasted through a concrete core, then through the pump knocking 3.19 barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

the damage the spill caused

Every kind of marine animal on the Gulf of Mexico was harmed by the contamination oil got into the animals lungs making it hard to breathe. the oil got in the animals mouth getting into their body damaging their internal organs.

what methods were used to clean the spill up

1. they would control the spread by using physical barriers

2. surround the slick with floating booms so the oil wouldn't get to close to the beaches

3. use sorbents to mop up the traces of the oil left behind

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what was the lasting effects of the spill

1. it effected many of the oil industries in Mexico

2. tourism struggled for a while

3. an offshore drilling went down leaving 8000-12000 people unemployed