One Direction

Music artist

Harry Styles Parents (Mom)Anne Cox (Dad) Desmond Styles

Liam Payne (Mom) Karen Payne (Dad) Geoff Payne

Zayne Malik (Mom) Trisha Malik (Dad) Yaser Malik

Niall Horan (Mom) Maura Gallagher (Dad) Bobby Horan

Louis Tomlison (Mom) Johannah Poulston (Dad) Troy Austin


One direction is a very good teen boy music group i personally love this band my favorite out of the band is Niall Horan .

MTV video music awards for best artist to watch

America artist of the year

NME award for worst band (which isnt true)

MTV best pop video

Kid choice favorite group

Teen choice award for male HOTTIE (so true omg NIALL HORAN) there is many more but soon Zayne Left