Madison Newsome

Parts of a Wave

There are many parts of a wave. First, the crest is the highest point the medium rises to. Then, the wave length. The wave length is the distance between successive crests of a wave. After that, there's the amplitude. The amplitude is the distance from the rest position to the crest position. And lastly, is the wave trough and the wave trough the lowest point the medium sinks to.

Ocean Waves and Tsunamis

Waves are created by wind. Wind energy is transferred onto the water. The water doesn't move with the wind.

Tsunamis are created by quick movements on the ocean floor. They are usually earthquakes but they can be volcanic eruptions.

Affects Things Have on Waves

Wave height is affected by wind speed and wind duration, If wind speed is slow, only small waves result, regardless of wind duration

Though, the wave length affects frequency in an inverse manner.