Myths And Facts.

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is any physical, verbal, or psychological assault, insults, or taunts against someone.

Popular Myths.!

  • Bullies Have Low Self- Esteem Which Is Why They Pick On Other People.
    Fact: Some studies have shown that many bullies actually have high self-esteem. But, They want to have more power and more control.
  • Only Boys Are Bullies.
    Fact: Girls Bully Too.
  • If you ignore them, bullies will go away.
    Fact: Bullies may even get angrier if you ignore them.
  • Only girls are part of cliques.
    Fact: Both boys and girls form cliques but girls in cliques may be more harsh towards others that are not in said clique.
  • Psychological Bullying Is Normal.
    Fact: Bullying may be common but defiantly not natural.
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By: Brandy Gideon.

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