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May Diversity Highlights...

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month in United States began on

Sunday, May 1st and ended on Tuesday, May 31st.

Heritage Month honors Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States, including those from Southeast Asia and the Philippines. The Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) group includes people from all of Asia and India, as well as the Pacific islands of Melanesia (New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands), Micronesia (Marianas, Guam, Wake Island, Palau, Marshall Islands, Kiribati and Nauru), and Polynesia. APIDA is referred to as the "Asian Pacific Islander Desi American" (APIDA) (New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands, Rotuma, Midway Islands, Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, French Polynesia and Easter Island).

Jewish American Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month celebrates the contributions American Jews have made to American history, culture, and society. Jewish American Week was founded in 1980.The month of May was chosen because of the successful 350th Anniversary of American Jewish History celebration in May 2004

President George W. Bush declared May Jewish American Heritage Month on April 20, 2006. The announcement was the culmination of a campaign by the Jewish Museum of Florida and South Florida Jewish community leaders. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida and Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania introduced resolutions urging the president to recognize the more than 350-year history of Jewish contributions to American culture.

Cinco de Mayo

As a commemoration of Mexico's triumph in the Franco-Mexican War's Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday in the United States. Battle of Puebla Day will be celebrated on Thursday, May 5, 2022. Cinco de Mayo is a minor holiday in Mexico, but in the United States, where there is a huge Mexican-American population, it has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

To raise awareness of LGBT rights violations around the world, May 17 is designated as International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOBT). More than 130 countries held observances of the anniversary in 2016.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Sunday, May 1st, was the start of Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 in the United States, which ran until Tuesday, May 31st.

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