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Treatment of type 2 diabetes

Treatment of type 2 diabetes - Type 2 diabetes is insulin dependent. It is a chronic disease develops on the basis of the development of resistance of cells to insulin.

In addition, there is a violation, and the pancreas, which produces insulin this. Treatment of type 2 diabetes is based on maintaining a rigid diet, normalization of motor activity and, if necessary, taking antidiabetic drugs.
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Why do I need to treat type 2 diabetes? In this disease in the blood sugar content; as we know, all good only in moderation and excess sugar is toxic to the body. It destroys blood vessels, nervous tissue, negatively affects the work of the various bodies.

Progression of the disease leads to disruption of the beta cells of the pancreas. As a result, it produces less insulin deficiency symptoms added this hormone develop complications

Complications in type 2 diabetes:

• Violation of vascular permeability, increases the risk of thrombosis,

• Polyneuritis, accompanied by pain along the nerve trunks, paresis and paralysis

• Joint pain, limiting their mobility,
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• Vision problems: clouding of the lens, retinal damage,

• The kidneys,

• Mental changes and mood.
The most serious complication is diabetic coma, which can lead to death of the patient, but in type 2 diabetes that rarely happens. So, the mainstay of treatment is diet and exercise. Through proper diet provides a more stable blood sugar.