The Land of Stories

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The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell

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The Book

The cover shows Alex and Conner falling into the Land of Stories. On the sides their is Snow White holding her famous rose. On the other side Sleeping Beauty holding a blue rose while her dress has a spindle on it. On the bottom is Froggy and a wolf.


It is Alex and Conner's 12th birthday. For their birthday their grandmother gives Alex and Conner a book called The Land of Stories which she read to them when they were little kids. Alex notices that the book is glowing and starts putting things inside and they get sucked in. Finally, Alex and Conner go inside The Land of Stories.

Rising Actions Part 1

Alex and Conner first meet a frog named Froggy. He tells them they are inside the Land of Stories. Conner is wondering how they will go home, while Alex is excited to explore. Froggy tells them there's only one way to get back to their world. They need to use the Wishing Spell. Froggy tells them to get the list of ingredients for the Wishing Spell they need to go to Hagatha who is a witch. On their journey through the Dwarf Forest they run into The Big Bad Wolf Pack. They are trying to eat Alex and Conner just before they bite Alex. Goldilocks, who is now a thief and a criminal comes to the rescue on her horse Porridge. Goldilocks fight the wolves and save Alex and Conner. Alex asks Goldilocks where Hagatha's house is. She takes them to a cottage that is made out of sweets. The twins go inside and find Hagatha in the kitchen. Hagatha gives them the list of ingredients.

List of ingredients for the Wishing Spell

Glass that housed a lonely soul up 'til midnight's final toll.

A saber from the deepest sea meant for a groom's mortality.

The bark of a basket that helped in fright while running from a bark with bite.

A stony crown that's made to share, found deep within a savage lair.

A needle that pierced the lovely skin of a princess with beauty found within.

A wavy lock of golden rope that once was freedom's only hope.

Glittering jewels whose value increased after preserving the false deceased.

Teardrops of a maiden fairy feeling neither magical nor merry.

Rising Action Part 2

Alex realizes that it is a riddle they figure out that a wavy lock of golden rope is a piece of Rapunzel's hair. They look at the map Hagatha gave them and go to the Corner Kingdom. They find Rapunzel's tower and find the door to enter the tower . Alex goes in first swatting away all of the cobwebs. When they finally get up they see a bunch of hair just laying on the floor. They both grab a piece just in case. Since it is already late at night Alex and Conner decide to stay there the night. Before they both go to bed Alex looks at the map and sees the Charming Kingdom is close by. Next, she looks at the list of ingredients and Conner points out that glass that housed a lonely soul up 'til midnight's final toll would be Cinderella's slipper. That night Alex and Conner decide Charming Castle is their next stop. Since, Cinderella was having a ball Alex and Conner were able to look inside. They looked in the museum and found the slipper in a locked case. Cinderella finds them inside and unlocks the case. She gives them the slipper and tells them to be careful with the glass. Alex and Conner know are heading for Fairy Kingdom. On their way they get lost in the forest and arrive at a brick wall. Alex looks at the map and sees that they are at the border of The Red Riding Hood Kingdom. They were looking for the entrance while looking at the list of ingredients. Alex realizes that the bark of a basket that helped in fright while running from bark with bite is a piece of bark from Little Red Riding Hood's basket. At midnight Alex and Conner sneak into the castle into the basket room with a candle. The baskets caught on fire and Conner managed to get a basket and escape with Alex. They left the Red Riding Hood Kingdom heading for Fairy Kingdom. Alex and Conner got kidnapped by a goblin and are taken to the cells of the Troll and Goblin Territory. While in their cell Alex is reading the list that she hid in her shirt. That night Queen Trollbella came to the cells and Alex sees she is wearing a stony crown. That is on the list! Trollbella is calling Conner, Butter boy and is trying to kiss him. Alex tricks her into letting them out and she stole her crown and left the Troll and Goblin Territory rapidly. They have now arrived in the Fairy Kingdom. When they walk around they see a fairy crying. Alex goes over to comfort her, but Conner knows that a teardrop of a maiden fairy feeling neither magical nor merry is a teardrop from the fairy. Conner makes the fairy cry into a bottle and after that Alex makes her feel happy with a hug and has her watching a dancing unicorn. Since, they were already going to Sleeping Kingdom they stopped to sleep for the night at Mermaid Bay. Alex brought her Little Mermaid book with her. She read the ending when the Little Mermaid was killed for loving a human. She looked at the list and an idea popped into her head. A saber from the deepest sea meant for a groom's mortality was the sword that killed the Little Mermaid. The sun hasn't gone down yet so they go to the ocean, but they realize they can't swim. A sea turtle comes and takes Alex into the ocean while she is in a bubble. They take her to the bottom of the ocean and to the Little Mermaid sea foam. The sea foam tells Alex that the saber is in a rock in the evil sea witch's layer. Alex and the sea turtle go there. They quickly try and take the saber, but the evil sea witch sends electric eels toward them. Alex jumps and grabs the sword. She swims away with the sea turtle and returns to the beach with her brother. Afterwards, Alex and Conner go to the Sleeping Kingdom. They see that everything is dry and everyone wants to go inside and sleep. As they are walking Alex notices that on the list there is a needle that pierced the lovely skin of a princess found within would be the needle from the spindle that made Sleeping Beauty fall asleep. Sleeping Beauty was having a ball that night and they snuck into the room with all the spindles. Before the guards came Alex picked up one of the needles and took it with her just in case. When Alex looked at the needle it had a stain of blood, so Alex knew it was the right needle. They were heading toward the Northern Kingdom. Alex and Conner ran into the seven dwarves on their way to the Northern Kingdom's castle. The dwarves told them that the queen was Snow White. Alex knew that glittering jewels whose value increased after preserving the false deceased was a jewel from Snow White's coffin. Alex and Conner quickly went to the castle to ask for a jewel from Snow White. Snow White agrees and lends them one jewel. Now Alex and Conner have all the ingredients for the Wishing Spell.


The Evil Queen knew that the twins had the Wishing Spell items. She went over to them and stole the ingredients at midnight. The twins now have decided to go after the Evil Queen to get back the ingredients to get back home.

Falling Action

Alex and Conner go to the Hidden Place which is the Evil Queen's castle. The Evil Queen tie up Alex and Conner as soon as they get inside the castle. Goldilocks sees them get tied up and comes into the castle with her horse Porridge. Goldilocks comes in and saves Alex and Conner with the Wishing Spell items. Alex and Conner don't know how to conduct the wishing spell, so Goldilocks takes them to the Fairy Palace to meet the Fairy Godmother.


Alex and Conner arrive at the Fairy Palace and go into a room with the most powerful fairies of the land. When Alex and Conner finally see the Fairy Godmother they are surprised. They know her, it is their Grandmother. Their Grandmother tells them she will give the ingredients to their rightful owners and she send Alex and Conner away to the real world.

About the Author

Chris Colfer is 24 years old and has written 4 books. He is a New York Times Best Seller has been in the Times magazine multiple times. He was on the show Glee before he started writing. His books are very popular with children who like fairy tales with a twist.

BY: Alexandra Roberts