A5 Grants and Special Projects News

November/December 2022 #grants4U&U&U

Here's What We've Been Up To!

It has been a bountiful Fall Season with lots of awarded grants and busy teachers fundraising through Donors Choose for their classrooms. Kudos to all of you working so hard for your students to get what you need in your environment. You have had a lot of extra work to do this fall playing COVID catch-up and filling in some big learning gaps, so to see this many grants awarded in addition to that hard work is standing ovation worthy!

Whatever you may celebrate, here's hoping your holidays are REALLY GREAT! Enjoy some well-earned time off :)

$5 million in Grants, Gifts, and Goods So Far this School Year! πŸ™Œ Let's Celebrate!

All of us, together, are making a difference in our students' lives...

😁 $15,000 in emergency dental care from Delta Dental
🎭 $42,254 for Arts Support

🍌$30,000 for Healthy Breakfast incentives
πŸ›  $12,200 for Career and Technical Education supplies help for students

πŸ“– $7,900 in Support for Early Literacy

EAAP Grants in Everyday and Concert Action! 🀩  

Big News: A5 is Going Green!

Anderson Five will be getting 12 new electric-powered school buses, replacing older gas and diesel powered models for cleaner operation. These buses were awarded through the Environmental Protection Agency's "Clean School Bus Program."
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Grants Fund Lots of Good Stuff in our schools...

Mr. Cunningham's Art Students Enjoy Painting their Clay Creationsβ˜• at Nevitt Forest

Budding artists are spotted everywhere! 🎨

Mrs. Stanzione was awarded a SCAC School Support grant that allowed her to increase art supplies in time for Dot Day. Clearly students are "dotty" about making dots!
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Mr. Cason's Students Gain Perspective from πŸ“· Photography Lessons at Varennes

Celebrating Literacy! πŸŽ‰