Mining, Drilling, And Fracking

Brandon Collins

Surface Mining

Surface mining is used to get coal from places that have already been dug deep into. The common methods of surface mining are Strip mining, Open pit, and Quarrying. For strip mining they drill and also use explosives to get the coal out. Strip mining destroys The area where they strip mine because they blow it up. They open pit mine by finding a huge pit and then drill long tunnels into the side of it. The bad things about it is that when they dig into the rocks they release radioactive elements if not contained. Quarrying is building a huge hole where they think resources are and drilling them out of it. Quarrying makes a lot of dust pollution and leaves a permanent scar on the land.

Subsurface Mining

Subsurface mining is used to get ores and oil and natural gases. The methods are long wall and solution mining. Long wall mining is where they build huge tunnels underground then take ores from the walls and send them up on conveyor belts. The problems with it is that it destroys the ground structure and and also ruins the ground water near it. Solution mining is when they inject hot water into the rocks and let the ore dissolve. The problems with it is that it can't be controlled so it dissolves the layer above it as well and leaves huge cracks in the ground.

Ocean Drilling