By Themba Clarke

Pimples can be one of the nastiest thing that can happen during puberty. I'm going to tell you some interesting facts about them.

Why does Acne occur?

On the surface of your skin their are pores or hair follicles. They contain the sebaceous gland or the oil gland. These glands create an oil called sebum that lubricates your hair and skin. During the pre-pubescent years and post-pubescent years the glands create the right amount of sebum. But during the pubescent years the male hormone, testosterone stimulate the sebaceous gland and they make more sebum. Then the sebaceous gland will become over-active. The pores get clogged with oil and bacteria which becomes trapped. This causes swelling, redness and the begging of acne.

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Types of Acne

White heads:

If a pore gets blocked up and closes but swells up on the skin, you're left with a white head.

Black heads:

If a pore gets blocked up but stays open, the surface can darken and your left with a blackhead


Clogged pores that open up deep in the skin cause nodules. They are infected lumps or cysts.

How to Take Care of Acne

Wash your skin with a personal flannel in a circular motion. Don't scrub or over-wash as this may cause irritation on the skin. Skin dermatologists recommend to apply a skin lotion to reduce oil and bacteria.