Summer Learning Opportunities

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD 2019

Will we ever have learned enough?

One of the occupational hazards of being an educator is the perpetual inferiority complex of never having learned "enough." There will always be students' needs to meet, new content/materials to learn, and evolving expectations of the profession that require a posture of growth and curiosity.

While summer is a time to ditch alarm clocks, put away our laptops, and focus on aspects of our life that get ignored for 10 months of the year, it is also a time to be curious. What did the past year show me that I need to know in order to be better next year? What did my kids need that I wasn't able to give them? What initiatives is my campus or district leading that I don't yet have mastered?

It is in this spirit that the C&I team encourages you to review this Smore. Be curious. Consider how you want to grow. Consider the learning style that best suits you. Sometimes these opportunities are found in a formal PD session, sometimes in a quiet moment between you and a good book on a well-chosen topic, and sometimes as you confer with colleagues about a topic or issue. As you think about how to use your "flex day," consider these opportunities or propose your own. The goal is learning, and this summer's offerings are a model of differentiation! How will you use this time in order to be well-equipped for the students who will walk through your door on August 19th?

Happy learning!

Suzanne Newell

Considering Graduate School? Check out these options...

University of North Texas

At the University of North Texas, you can pursue your master's degree in educational leadership as well as your Texas principal certification through an accelerated online program (AOP).

If you already have your master's degree, and wish to pursue additional opportunities in educational leadership, you might want to check out the 2 doctoral programs in Educational Leadership at UNT.

Educational Leadership faculty in all 3 programs provide innovative educational experiences tailored to the specific career interests and goals of future leaders in Texas and across the nation. Check them out!

Lamar University

Check out this flyer with a wide variety of offerings by Lamar University.

Texas A&M Texarkana

Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology:

Individuals with a master degree in instructional technology use their degrees to have a greater understanding of the technologies available for their classrooms, course developers or designers, technology coordinators, online learning specialists, web-based learning manager, multimedia designer, technology integration specialist, computer learning lab coordinator, instructional designer, learning applications (apps) designer, virtual reality specialist, flipped classroom developer, web instructor, online teacher, computer mediated learning metrics manager, distance learning director, or educational software consultant.

Academic Program: Instructional Technology (ITED)

Delivery Format: Online

Description: Welcome to Instructional Technology (IT) at Texas A&M University -Texarkana. We improve learning in diverse contexts using a wide range of tools, methods, and innovations. IT programs prepare students to be leaders in diverse learning contexts. These contexts include: K-12 public or private schools, military learning, museum education, online education, adult training, internet-mediated content development and delivery (also known as e-learning), workplace learning initiatives in business and industry, public/non-profit training, and higher education. Instructional Technology is one of the fastest growing fields in both business and education.

Degree Plan: ITED

Required Hours: 36

Contact: Dr. Rebecca Martindale – Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology

Phone: (903) 223-3096