Drug and Alcochol

by Nathan Cerda

About Drugs

Drugs are bad because they can kill people by overdosing and by making their childrens born with problems.They are also bad because they can cause you to get in trouble and can send you to jail for life or they can get you executed!They can also lead you to gangs which give them easy access to the drugs!

about alcohol

Alcohol is in fact another bad thing because they can lead to accidents by crashes.Alcohol does bad things to your brain and they can get you to react another way then your usual self,they can get you mad and abuse or attack your loved ones or family.They can also get you in trouble with the police by drinking and driving and you may cause accidents to others by crashing. P.S DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE

to stop this

We can stop this by laws being in forced on citizens about this.Another way can be for bars and clubs to close down before 10 or to stop drinking at 10.A way for drugs to be stopped is by making drugs illegal and to confiscate and dispose of left over drugs!