Brentwood News

April 29-May 3, 2013

School Events

UWF and Fifth Grade Pair Up!

UWF and fifth grade students are teaming up to help create better P.E. teachers. A group of UWF professors are coming to spend a week with the fifth grade classes to ask questions and video tape how students learn in P.E. The goal is to increase participation and enjoyment in P.E.

Third Grade Performs

Each third grade class will be performing on a different day next week. Students brought home invitations with their specific day and time.

Screen Free Family Fun Night

Screen Free week is about taking a week off of computers, video games, and t.v. Brentwood students and families had a chance to come up to the school to have fun. The night began with a free nacho dinner and a chorus performance. Some of the activities were a cake walk, puppet show, mural painting, and a photo booth. The night was a huge success and we hope to do it again!