HOSA Newsletter

December 2014

Dates to Remember

Dec. 12- Next Meeting. General meeting, everybody attends

Dec. 15- School Board meeting for those presenting

Dec. 19- $25 due to Mr. Kujath if you are attending the Mid-Winter Conference

Jan. 5- First Aid Kit Fundraiser turn in (Monday back from Christmas Break)

Jan. 9- Mid-Winter Conference


  • Everyone needs to check in with Mr. Kujath once a month to practice for your competitive events. If it is a team event, try to come in with your team.
  • All members need to do 6 hours of community service hours per quarter. Mr. Kujath has the forms in his room.
  • The HOSA Club is teaching an intro to anatomy and physiology community ed class. If you are interested in teaching a class with your friends, here is a link to the google spreadsheet where you can sigh up. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1souCZ8DjqnGfCh63OMm_WGGd9c5Z4Z4Zf8mfHlXGcN4/edit?usp=sharing
  • We are also doing Camp Biomed this June. It is a 4 day long camp and we need room leader and organizer, so if you are interested, talk to Mr. Kujath.

Mid-Winter Event

January 9th is when this year's Mid-Winter Conference is.It will be held in Rochester at RCTC. There is a $25 fee that is due to Mr. Kujath by December 19th for all attending. This is our first competitive event and not all events are offered. You need to tell Mr. Kujath what events you will be doing at the Conference. Here is a link to the events offered at the Conference, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TRdrDyUvHN2VmsJqPRD5I6X-XxiIWYpO8E21qrTBDg8/edit