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Many restaurant and coffee shop owners.

Encouraging Customers to Spend More and Become More Loyal to a Small Business

Providing great products, service, and value is the best way of earning the loyalty of customers. Even small business owners who put these cornerstones into place, though, can often do a whole lot more. Going that extra mile, in fact, is easier than ever today, thanks to a range of new opportunities.

Many restaurant and coffee shop owners, for example, have discovered how valuable offering free WiFi can be when it comes to developing regular customers. When free, reliable Internet connections are available, customers are more likely to show up at their favorite hangouts, and also more likely to be freer about spending their money. This mutually beneficial arrangement, though, is not the end of the story, by any means.

In fact, small business owners who offer WiFi to their customers can often gain a whole lot more from the arrangement. There are some clever, but natural, ways of making use of the WiFi connection itself to encourage customers to be even more inclined to spend once they have connected.

A company called My Local WiFi, for example, has made waves in the small business community recently with a number of attractive products. One of these is a local mobile wallet app that operates over the WiFi connections that small business owners already offer to their customers.

Like other mobile wallet applications, this one makes it even easier and more convenient for customers to pay. That ensures that they will be more likely to spend, raising the value of each individual customer to a business.

Unlike most such applications, though, the one in this case requires little in the way of setup or configuration. Because it is confined to the local WiFi network that a customer is already connected to, security concerns are also greatly diminished.

By making even better use of an asset that they already have in place, then, business owners can easily derive more revenues from their customers. Once a wallet application like this is in place and functioning, of course, a whole host of related opportunities also arises. For example, many find that putting together effective loyalty programs that build on that underlying functionality becomes very easy to do, further increasing the value of the offering.