Merry Christmas from the Davids!!!

And a very blessed New Year!

To our dearest family and friends,

2015 brought us many blessings, changes, and much so, that I did not have time to do actual Christmas cards...hints the online newsletter. We had a wonderful year that caught us by surprise many times, but began and ended with the five of us together, happy, and healthy! Here are a few of the higlights of the year...

Highlights of the year

Brian and I began the year by celebrating 10 years of marriage in a beautiful tree-house cabin in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. In May, I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education, which has been many years in the making! This summer, I began subbing and started my job hunt for the perfect teaching job. On July 4th, our lives were turned upside down when Brian was in an accident and shattered his left leg. Two days after the accident, I went straight from the hospital to an interview, which I almost cancelled. Brian was unable to work for four months, but God blessed us with a lot of quality family time together and in August I began an amazing job teaching 4th grade at an amazing school, with great colleagues. This fall, we continued our year with River turning 10, Jonas turning 9, and Paisley turning 4. We have had many blessings this year and are sending love and well wishes to all of our loved ones! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
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