~ MY Academy ~ Weekly Wrap Up

MY School. MY Way.


This week, you should have:

  • Met with your Teacher of Record.
  • Completed assigned diagnostics and Interest Profiles.
  • Started getting orientated to your academic courses.
  • If you haven't completed these, contact your Teacher of Record.


Subject Matter Assessments

  • All students should have completed subject matter assessments this week. If you haven't completed these yet, contact your Teacher of Record for help.
  • These assessments are mobile-friendly so you can log in on your phone and access your assessments there.
  • USER TIP: Turn your phone horizontally for optimum viewing.

Interest Profile

  • Students in grades 6-12 should have completed an Interest Profile this week.
  • If you have not completed this yet or are not sure what it is, contact your Teacher of Record.
  • Be sure to share a copy of your results with your Teacher of Record so you can begin discussions on your academic and career path.


Starting the School Year Strong

Starting strong can be a great way to set yourself up for success. Here are a few tips for starting the year off strong.

  • Communicate with your Teacher of Record regularly.
  • Schedule when you will complete schoolwork each day.
  • Learn actively. Take notes and complete activities and assessments.
  • Advocate for yourself. Contact your teacher as often as you need help.
  • Set goals and celebrate reaching them.


  • You are expected to complete schoolwork each day that school is in session.
  • Talk with your teacher about creating a schedule that works for you.


Student Pacing in Courses

  • By now, you should have communicated with your Teacher of Record what pace you want to set for yourself:
  • One class per Learning Period (LP) or
  • A more traditional pace of 5-6 classes per semester.
  • Both options will keep students on pace to graduate.
  • If you haven't had this conversation yet with your Teacher of Record, do so now. They can help you create a pacing schedule to fit your individual needs.

School Culture and Support

Student Engagement

  • Student engagement is the backbone of our school culture. Get to know your teacher. Share your goals and hobbies. Ask for ways to get involved.
  • Your Teacher of Record can tailor the curriculum to your interests.
  • If you have not had a one-on-one meeting with your Teacher of Record yet, reach out and schedule one today!

Possibility Project

  • If you are over the age of 18, within 30 credits of graduating, and are interested in on-the-job training and job opportunities, talk to your teacher about the Possibility Project.
  • This includes the possibility of paid, on-the-job training opportunities.
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