Living Water Aeration

Installing a pond fountain is a great way to improve

The Benefits of Pond Aeration

During the warm summer months, many people enjoy spending time on bodies of water. This may be in the ocean, on a lake or, for many, a pond. Although the ocean and lakes are large enough to remain self sufficient, ponds can have a difficult time sustaining a viable ecosystem. As these smaller bodies of water sit still and grow stagnant, problems can develop that effect life both in and out of the water. To combat the gradual decline of a cherished pond, property owners can invest in pond aerators and fountains as ways to keep the water and its oxygen levels within a healthy range.

It's Never Too Late For Restoration

Owning a pond requires more responsibility than one would think. If left alone so that nature takes its course, the pond will gradually become smaller, grow an abundance of algae and harmful bacteria, and lose its clarity while developing a rather foul smell. Anyone who is using the pond for recreation or has made it a centerpiece of their landscaping will not want this to happen. To avoid these problems, owners need to install an aeration system available from companies like Living Water Aeration. Once the system is in place, the accumulation of muck on the pond floor will eventually decrease, circulation of oxygen in the water will increase to create a more healthy environment, and the border that forms between warm surface water and cold deep water, known as the thermocline, will dissipate.

Alternative Energy Can Keep Things Fresh

Aeration kits come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of the area they will be operating in. The main thing owners have to consider prior to purchasing is the power source. In some cases, the pond is just too far away from a power source to run a line that is up to code. Other times the standard 100' air tubing just isn't long enough. In these instances, pond owners can look to kits run by solar or wind energy. With fewer restrictions than a traditional utility-based pump, these systems can be set up right by the pond to help circulate the water. For more information on this form of alternative aeration, customers can visit a detailed pond equipment retailer website.

Create Curb Appeal

Installing a pond fountain is a great way to improve the water's appearance while also providing proper aeration. These fountains can quickly become focal points of the setting that accentuate both the pond and its surroundings, but then quickly recede into the dark of night, leaving only their sound.

As a way to keep the majestic look of spouting water visible throughout the night, property owners can invest in various water-resistant LED lighting kits. Available on websites like, these kits can provide a standard white light or alternating system of colors that illuminate the movement of the spray and create an elegant beacon of light until the dawn breaks.