Team 9 Update

Issue 8 September 27 , 2019

Spirit Week

This year in conjunction with JCHS, we at JCMS are going to partner in Spirit Dress Up Activities.

The theme is “BLAST FROM THE PAST”. See the flyer below for specifics. Please remember that the school dress code must be followed even on Spirit Days. If you have questions about dress code, please refer to the JCMS students guidebook (click here) or contact your child's teacher.

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Upcoming Events

This Week

Monday, September 30th-

  • lunch math help/retakes (Williams)
  • Quiz in Language Arts: "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe (open study guide & text)

Tuesday, October 1st -

  • Volley Ball (away)
  • After School Tutoring

Wednesday, October 2nd-

  • morning KAY meeting in C111 (Voting for Officers)
  • Math Quiz (Williams)
  • Mock Trial in Language Arts: "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe (dress up in court attire for extra credit!)
  • After School Tutoring

Thursday, October 3rd-

  • lunch math help (Williams )
  • Football- home
  • Volleyball- away
  • Unit 1 Writing Assessment in Language Arts: "How and why is truth manipulated?"
  • After School Tutoring

Friday, October 4th-

  • Picture Retakes
  • Academic Success WINN time- students can get help from their teachers during this time. It is an excellent way to catch up, retake assessments, or get help.
  • Unit 1 Writing Assessment in Language Arts: "How and why is truth manipulated?"


October 11: End of the 1st 9 weeks

October 14: No School (Professional Development for Teachers)

October 14: JCMS Parent Support Meeting at 5:30 PM

October 21, 22, and 23: Student-Led Conferences

November 11: No School--Veteran's Day

November 25-29: Thanksgiving Break

December 7: Snowman Shuffle and Renaissance Pancake and Vendor Fair


Pick up applications in D142. See Mrs. White ( or Mrs. Russel for more information.

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Team 9 Core Classes

Language Arts

Students will be wrapping up Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Tell-Tale Heart" this week. We have had lots of great discussions about this text! On Monday, students will take a quiz over the story. Students are allowed to use their study guide and the text while taking the quiz.

On Tuesday, students will prepare evidence for our big trial that's happening on Wednesday. We will put the narrator of "The Tell-Tale Heart" on trial to determine if he is guilty of murder or innocent due to insanity. Students will receive roles for our trial and can earn extra credit if they dress up in court attire! This trial is one of my favorite things to do with students--I know this group of 8th graders will have fun with it.

We will be busy writing on Thursday and Friday to wrap up our first unit of the year. The final unit one assessment is a five-paragraph essay that addresses our unit essential question: "How and why is truth manipulated?" We have been working on and revising this essay throughout the unit, so students will just be adding the final touches to their piece of writing. I look forward to sharing my feedback with students on their first essay of the year!

The focus of our 2nd unit will be on one of the most books ever written--"To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. Even though this book was published in 1960, the lessons it contains are more important than ever. We will start this book the week of October 7th.

Please feel free to e-mail me at any time with questions or concerns about your student's progress in Language Arts. I am happy to help with all of your needs! Thank you for sharing your student with me--I'm having a great school year with this group of 8th graders.

Mrs. Lindsay Murphy

Remind Notifications

Would you like to receive important reminders and announcements from me about this class and Team 9? Follow these directions-

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Math- Mrs. Williams

We will start off the week reviewing solving equations that have one solution, no solutions, and infinite many solutions as well as equations with rational coefficients before our quiz on Tuesday. Please have your student ask for help if they need it. Help links are posted on Schoology, and tutor times are posted above.

Our next topic will be writing equations from a verbal or written description, and we will have a mini quiz on Thursday or Friday.

  • Retakes will be during tutor times and WINN next week. Students may retake Post Test or Unit 1 Quiz 1- students must turn in missing work and study first to ensure they are successful on the retakes.

Please email or call if you have questions.

Jamie Williams


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US History

This week we learned about The Bill of Rights and The 3 Branches of Government.

We started out the week learning about the first three articles of the Constitution which lay out the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches. Our Essential Question was: If you had to eliminate one of the 3 branches, Which Branch do we not need? Why?

Then we created a Student Bill of Rights and practiced which rights people had with the iCivics "Do I have a right?" game.

Next week we will play the "Do I have a right?" game to start the week, and then we will begin looking at Supreme Court cases and scenarios putting the Bill of Rights in to action

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Ben Trenary



This week we're about to wrap up our sound unit. Meaning we're starting light next week!

Students are still able to make up the grades marked as "0s." In order to be able to retake the test, they will need to have the corrections done on their test as well as their interactive notebook(INB) up to date. They will be able to use their INBs on the retest again!

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Breanna Temaat


Foundational Math - Mr. Goehl

Hello everybody!

This first few weeks we worked on going over classroom rules and expectations and started on our first unit, Place Value of Multi-Digit Whole Numbers.

For week 4 we will be studying and nearing in on our first quiz over place value.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!


Spanish Translation Phone Line 785-717-4428

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