Free Education Apps for iPads



Module 9 has asked us to explore 5 different apps that could benefit students and enhance their learning.

BrainPOP Featured Movie App

The BrainPOP Featured Movie App was created for the educational purpose of being able to watch a variety of videos for multiple subject areas. Anybody from students, teacher, to parents can access the videos. There are also interactive quizzes posted to get a better understanding of them as well. The App also lets individuals purchase a subscription which allows more access to more videos and quizzes, but that becomes a personal choice since the initial App is free! The App is easy to read as there are captions that connect with the video. The content is meant for educational purposes and any grade from K-12 will benefit greatly from its use.


Pocket is an App that helps individuals that are on the go and want something to read later. Students are able to find a video, webpage, and anything else they find interesting, and tab it. Then when they have time they can go back and view it without internet! This will come in handy when students are on the bus going home, in the park, or need something to do. This can be used for education purposes as students may have a specific reading or video to watch for class during the week. This also allows flexibility with their time, as some students have busy after school schedules.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy App is useful for students K-12, parents, and teachers as it includes resources to videos and articles that explore many subject areas. Individuals are able to track their progress and even download the videos for educational purposes. If students are struggling within a specific area, the resources included in the App help make the material easy to understand. The videos and articles are meant to strengthen the students knowledge within that subject area.

Study Blue

Study Blue is an App created to help students study by making flashcards, quizzes, and study guides! It helps organize the students information, and becomes a support tool for academic learning. The App keeps students, and even teachers on track and has reminders for them to go back and review their flashcards. Not only can students create their own flashcards but they can go into the Study Blues database and retrieve already made ones! This decreases the time and effort having to make their own, and they can start studying sooner. Students will be able to progress their work, and improve their success in the classroom!

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

The Educreations Interactive Whiteboard App is excellent as it is basically a recordable whiteboard. Teachers and students can create videos, add pictures, display math formulas, and other lessons. You are able to record yourself as you are interacting with the whiteboard. These can easily be shared with others to help better their understanding as well. Lessons can be created anywhere, and students can preview them anymore. They are able to go at their own pace as you can stop, pause and resume when you need. It is also beneficial for tutors, as they can access it and share their videos to anyone.


I have decided to add the ClassDOJO App, as an App heavily focused for teacher and parent use. The App helps teachers keep track of student behavior within the classroom. It records the positive and negative behavior, which can be synced with parents and administrators who can then view for themselves. It can be beneficial for teachers who need some help with their classroom management.


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