You are invitd to the Pirate Act

April 8-12

Come with us!

Accompany us to the Somali pirate act in April 8-12, 2009. Captain Philip's ship got hijacked by Somali pirates. His crew members were acusing him of being his fault all this happend. They claim captain Philips ignored the 600 miles away from the Somali cost. Maersk Alabama was only 250 miles away. Thats why they acusse him, because he ignored warning signs. He published a book about his whole expirience called A Captain's duty : Somali Pirates, Navy Seals, and dangerous day in the sea.

Captain Philips had done a several fire drillsa practice before the Pirates came. He was on the top with his co-ptain when the pirates starting shooting. He closed the door, and told everyone. He told them to start the fire drill but real. There was one hose damaged so they managed to climb through there. The workers hided in the last floor. Philips told them the ship wasn't working. So they asked to go to the las floor to check it. A pirate was barefeet so a worker put broken glass in the floor. When they were stepping in the last floor, one had to stop because he stepped on glass. Workers kidnaped the captain of the Somali pirates. They said they would give it for exchange of them going. Captain Philips gave them the little get away boat fpr them to go. They kidnapes the captain and took him with them.
In the boat he passed difficult moments. They send him to sit and e couldn't stand. He said he could help the piarte that had the damaged feet. They yelled at him and said no. They were very worried. That was because the navy was chasing them. The captain said he had to pee while a prate was peeing too. He throw him to the ocean and went him too. For trying to escape to see if the navy saw him. But the pirates catched him again. They atached him a rope to his hands ad to the ceiling of the boat. They cover his eyes. Then the navy shoot the pirates and all the blood landed on him. When the navy rescue him he was in shock and he couldn't talk. The nurse attended him. Then he got back with his family. A pirate was arrested in an American jail.After two years he was ok again. He went to the sea again.

Shane Murphy

Michael Chernus acts for Shane Murphy. He graduated from Juilliard School's Drama Division. Michael is an accomplished stage actor. He acted in men in black 3. He won a 2011 OBIE. He also received a Lucille Lortel award nomination. He just made the co-star in in the Manhattan Theater Club producing "Close Up Space". He made many productions in Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. "His credits in regional theater include productions at the Williamstown Theater Festival, The Yale Repertory Theatre, and the Guthrie Theater, among others.". He appears in Captain Philips and Men in Black 3.

Captain Philips

Richard Philips, captain of the ship Maersk Alabama was American. He was born in Winchester, Massachusetts and graduated on Winchester Highschool in 1973. He has 3 brothers and 4 sisters he also had two children, Daniel and Mariah. He didin't plan it but later went to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Philips maried a nurse in 1987 called Andrea Coggio. His ship was hijacked near somalia and he got kidnaped by Somali Pirates. He had his ship 250 miles aways from the Somalia cost when the recommendation was 600 miles away. He was held 5 days in the lifeboat. He was injured and also sick because of the lack of food. They rescued him from Somali pirates on April 12, 2009.


Barkhad Abdi made the character "Muse". He had no expirience of being an actor until the movie. Abdi was born in April 10, 1985 and he is 28 years old. He was born in Somalia, raised in Yemen but moved to Minneapolis, United States. He is American but his ethnicity is Somalia. Barkhad is an actor, film director and producer. He actesd as a ship hijacker and Pirate captain. He has directed some music videos and he is directing the movie Ciyaalka Xaafada. He was a cab driver. This is mostly it.

This supply ship was given by Captain Philips to the Somali Pirates. Also is the ship he got kdnaped on. He got biten, lack of water and food, shocked.

Captain Richard Phillips Interview for CAPTAIN PHILLIPS
Captain Phillips - Official Trailer (HD) Tom Hanks

Andrea Philip

Andrea Philips was acted by Catherine Keener in the movie. "Catherine" is the Captains wife and mother of two children. Catherine was born in Miami on March 23, 1959. She was raised very catholic and was in a Catholic school. She graduated from Wheaton collage in 1983. She was nominated for Best supporting actress. She had a supporting role in the serie Ohara. Met his husband, Dermont Mulroney while working on Survival Quest. She was Cheryl in Survival Quest. She was a cocktail waitnress in the film About Last Night.

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