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Most of us are not prepared to plan the funeral of someone we love.

Here at Eternal Rest, we offer our assistance through a difficult time. We will help you find all of the answers you need to have a meaningful funeral for your loved one.
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Individual Preferences

Is cremation preferred, what would you like to be done with the remains? Cremation provides the "greatest number of memorialization options" (A Cremation, 2015, para. 4). Cremation also means family members will not have to visit a grave site (A Cremation, 2015).
If you prefer a burial, do you prefer open or closed casket? What should the deceased wear? What the deceased is wearing for burial should be according to their wishes. If they have not planned something ahead of time, the family usually chooses something for them to wear (Lane, 2014).
Also, keep in mind if the burial preference would be in a mausoleum or in the ground. If ground burial, you may want to think about who the coffin should be buried next to. We have included a link for you to view the different styles of caskets to choose from.
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Family Preferences

Remember to keep in mind what might be comforting to other family members. Is there a particular song or poem you would like to be included in the funeral? Also, would the funeral or memorial service be preferred at a church or our own chapel? Keep in mind the type of music that would be comforting to the family or will remind them of the deceased. We are here to help you carry out the wishes of the deceased and bring comfort to those left behind.
Also, be mindful of other family members that may wish to be recognized in the obituary or during the funeral/memorial service. Is there a special way to bring recognition to the deceased that would help other family members during their grieving process?
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Economical Options

We want to help you and your family with every aspect of this experience. We do not want undue stress from the cost of the funeral to add to your grief. Here are some ways you may choose to lower the cost of the funeral. 1. You may choose a closed casket for your loved one and only do a topical disinfectant instead of embalming (Funeral Choices, 2015). 2. You may choose to purchase a casket on your own instead of using the options the funeral home suggests (Funeral Choices, 2015). 3. You may choose cremation instead of burial to cut down on expenses (Funeral Choices, 2015).
We have included a link to a casket company that specializes in 24 hour delivery.

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