Raureka School Term 3 Covid L 3

27 August 2021


Raureka School, Hastings.


27 August 2021

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Whanau

Raureka School will be open under ALERT Level 3 from Wednesday 1st September for students who need to be at school

We will survey you to find out if your child/children will be attending school during ALERT Level 3.

Our day to day operations must ensure that all times the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is paramount.

-The front school gate will be opened for students between 8.45 am and 8.55am (no earlier) NO parents/caregivers or other adults will be permitted to enter the school site (past the entry gate) This ensures the safety of our ‘school bubble’.

-Students must bring a named drink bottle and morning tea.

-Lunch will be provided, the fruit will not start until we are at a lower level.

-All siblings from one family will be in the same bubble.

-Bubbles are grouped generally into junior/middle and senior school students

(this will be dependent on student numbers) Bubbles will not mix during the day.

-There will be strict hygiene and physical distancing that will be adhered to by all attending school. In class, students will sit and work in one space only. Inside the school gates students will practise 1 metre PHYSICAL DISTANCING. Outside the gate students must maintain a 2m distance away from anyone else.

-All bathrooms and classrooms have hand sanitizer.

-Students will sanitize their hands prior to leaving classrooms at the end of the day.

-Any student that has or develops an illness, MUST NOT attend school. We ask that you discuss and practise ‘correct coughing and sneezing techniques’ with your children.

-We ask that you limit any visits to the School Office. Please email/phone in your queries.

-The Sick Bay areas will not be operating.

-Home Learning Programmes will operate for all students. This means that all students who attend school will continue to participate in their online Home Learning Programme supervised by teachers and Learning Assistants. Students working at home will NOT BE disadvantaged by not being at school. Home Learning will continue to be sent to you by your child's teacher.

-Entry and exit to school

In the mornings we ask that you drop your child/children at school as normal, practising SOCIAL DISTANCING (2 metres apart from others) and leave your child at the gate for them to make their own way to class. Our school gates will open at 8:45 continue to be locked after the 8.55am school bell. School will finish at 2:30 and all children will need to be picked up by 2:45. At home time as you wait outside the gate for your child to exit, please practise SOCIAL DISTANCING.

It is very important that we model correct ‘safety behaviours’ for our students.

Our staff at Raureka will do their utmost to ensure the safety of your child/children during COVID-19 Alert Level 3, however we cannot guarantee that children will have absolutely no physical contact with others during the day or be coughed/sneezed over.

Kind regards

Greg and Staff

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