Classifications of Colonies


1.Founded in 1607

2.Captain John Smith helped to organize the colony

3.First successful permanent English settlement

4.Had a extremely high mortality rate

5.Has a one crop colony

6.Was founded for monetary reasons

7.Frequent skrimishes between the settlers and native Americans happened

8.Entered the "Starving time " in 1610 when john smith left

9.John Rolfe came and planted the first tobacco crop in America

10.Representative government was born Virginia with the establishment of the House Of Burgesses . It would be the first of many parliaments to be created .

Massachusetts Bay

1.Settled in New England in 1630

2.Founded by the owners of the Massachusetts Bay Colony which included investors in the failed Dorchester Company

3. Led by John Winthrop the group formed the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

4.No religious freedom inhabited by the puritans

5.Was governed as a royal province by 1755

6.Battle of Lexington and Battle of Concord

7.Jagged Coast and Hills

8.New England was the coldest of three regions with more winter periods

9.Had poor soil to plant crops like wheat

10.The colony became a state in February 6 1788.


1.A propriety colony created in 1634

2.Founded by George Calvert, Lord Baltimore and other colonists in 1632

3.Permitted high degree of freedom

4.Toleration act of 1649

5.Guaranteed toleration for all Christians

6.Healthier location then Jamestown

7.Tobacco would be the main crop

8.Reason for finding :Religious freedom

9.Would decreed death to those who denied the divinity of Jesus

10.It was the 7th or the original 13 colonies to become a state in April 28, 1788


1.Founded in 1733

2.Last of the 13 colonies

3.Founded by James Oglethorpe

4.Were determined to keep slavery out and banned alchohol

5.All Christians except Catholics enjoyed religious toleration

6.Had hilly coastal plains with plenty of forests

7.Was governed as a royal colony by 1775

8.Had religious freedom which gave way for Baptists Anglicans and others

9.Was the warmest of the three regions

10.Became a state on January 2, 1788


1.Founded in 1862 by William Penn

2.Reason for founding : Religious freedom for Quakers ,trade and profit

3.Quakers treated Indians fairly, were pacifists , and rejected predestination

4.It was the best advertised colony . William Penn sent out paid agents and pamphlets in a variety of languages .

5.The society had a strong dislike for black slavery because the majority of colonists were Quakers .

6.Had a liberal society in comparison to other colonies .

7.It attracted a lot of different ethnic groups and allowed religious toleration .

8.Benjamin Franklin came to Philadelphia , Pennsylvania in 1720. It is said that Pennsylvania came to life after his arrival .

9.Was known as one of the "Bread Colonies " due to its large exports of grain .

10.When William Penn established Pennsylvania he called it the "Holy Experiment " because the colonists were experimenting with a new type of society .