Mrs. Voegele's 1st Grade News

Sept. 4, 2015


We have had several simple assessments this week. We've ...

*Read with Mrs. Voegele

*Wrote short and long vowel words

*number identification & counting

*letter and sight word identification

*rhyming words

*Read with the Title Reading Teachers!

Next week... Wednesday... We will have our first computerized STAR Math Assessment!

The kids love testing on the computers, it's about a 15 minute test. please make sure your child is getting enough rest at night and eating breakfast in the morning!

Next Week...

Monday- No School

ipads- We've learned how to listen to books on an app called EPIC. We also learned how to take pictures of our work and send it home to YOU on SEESAW!

Phonics- short I

Reading- How to decode a difficult word!

Math- Number sense, games, estimating, 1 more/1 less, comparing and ordering numbers

Behavior!!! wow! What a great group of kids! We've all been climbing up the super-improver wall by getting reward stickers for making good choices and being kind to one another. I really love these kids!