Arctic Light Elementary School

February 27th, 2019

Upcoming Events

February 26th-28th – School Science Fair

March 8th - 7th & 8th Grade Applications Due

March 8th – Early Out at 1:30pm

March 11th-15th – Spring Break

March 26th – STEM Night 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Principal Keener's Message...

Send your 7th and 8th Graders to Arctic Light K-8

We are having a stellar year with our 7th graders and are pleased so many are returning for 8th grade. Their daily playlists, personalized time with Ms. Wolfe, and project-based learning has made their year a standout, cutting-edge educational experience in our large district. Is your 6th grader talking with you about coming to Arctic for 7th grade next year?

The goal is for all of our students to be talking about coming here for 7th and 8th grades. Our school board directed this shift three years ago and today we are reaping the benefits. Families have choice as to their child’s 7th and 8th grades. Here at Arctic Light we strongly believe you’ll choose our school.

The benefits are numerous and the students’ success backs up the programming. Seventh and Eighth graders will receive tailored educational plans closely monitored by their teacher. Our Encore afternoon electives will expand their personal interest. For families having all their children at one school, things will get a bit simpler. Our teachers know your child’s strengths and areas of need.

Interested? We can’t wait to talk with you. If you are ready, please sign-up online or complete our paper application. After March 8th, we allow students outside of Arctic Light’s boundaries to apply to our 7th and 8th grades. We hope to fill our class with our current Arctic Light students or with new families moving to our Wainwright community.

If you have questions, please let me know.

Planning Ahead - Early Withdrawal for the Year

A common question concerns a student receiving a report card before the end of school. For many families this is due to travel to another post. Below are some guidelines and please engage our front staff as soon as you can.

Leaving before April 22, 2019

· Arctic Light issues withdrawal grades and student must report to next school to complete school year

Leaving between April 22 – May 3, 2019

· Arctic Light issues withdrawal grades and student enrollment in next school is highly recommended

Leaving after May 3, 2019

· Arctic Light issues final grades and teacher recommends placement for next year

Please talk with our staff if you are planning an early withdrawal. We want to help plan the best educational program for your child.

Kindergarten Jump Start

What is Kindergarten Jump Start?

Kindergarten Jump Start is a 22-day intensive, literacy-focused, FUN opportunity for children who will enroll in kindergarten this fall

  • Free
  • Mid-morning snack provided
  • School district program
  • Certified teachers


May 29 - June 28, 2019 | Monday - Friday | 8 AM - Noon

Hunter Elementary | 1630 Gillam Way | Fairbanks
Midnight Sun Elementary | 2301 Bradway Road | North Pole


  • Child must be five years of age on or before September 1st, 2019
  • Submit Kindergarten Jump Start lottery application
  • Pre-Register for kindergarten in the fall
  • Attend KJS Parent Orientation Tuesday, May 28th at 6 PM
  • Provide daily transportation Monday - Friday, May 29 - June 28
  • Commit to 100% student attendance


More Information:

Lunch & Learn Workshop Series

Thursday, March 5th 201 at 11:30am to Tuesday, March 5th, 12:30pm

3727 Neely Road

Fairbanks, AK

This workshop is presented by Fairbanks North Star Borough School District's Special Education Department. It will be held at the Ft. Wainwright, USO BLDG 3727 from 11:45am - 12:30pm. Lunch will be provided to Registered Participants. Parents may register by calling Army Community Service: (907) 353-4460. The focus of this workshop will be on how parents can help their children with the following needs: Pre-School, Developmental Delays, Child Find, Peer Enrichment

This workshop series will also be available on FaceBook Live @FtWainwrightACS


- You have 2 days to call in and excuse absences for your students to the front office.

- Please do not stop in the road to pick your student up. Please pick them up in the school loops at dismissal.

- Please make sure you bring in your ID when picking up your child or signing a student out.

- If you have someone other than yourself or primary guardian picking up your student please make sure they are updated in your emergency contacts here at the school.

-Winter weather is here. Please make sure your children have ALL their required snow gear.

- At the end of the day, Families with a "K Pass" can drive behind the school and park on the inside lane and come in through the front office. As it gets colder these spots become more important.

Update Your Contact Information!

- Please remember to update your Family Care Plans and emergency contacts!
With trainings and deployments, it is especially important that the school has current contact information regarding your children. This information should include local emergency contacts (other than you) as well as contact info for whoever will be taking care of your child in your absence and or POA’s that need to be put on file.


Parents and guardians, remember to complete your free and reduced lunch applications here at SCHOOL CAFE.

Nutrition Services has made it easier for families to apply for free or reduced priced meals. We encourage you to apply online anytime using an Internet enabled computer or with the Smartphone app. You can complete and submit an application in minutes!

If you need assistance or have any questions please feel free to contact the front office or Nutrition services at

(907) 451-1004 x16600

School Cafe How To: Click Here

Learn how to complete your free and reduced lunch application through nutrition services!

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Public Health Immunization Clinic

Thursday, March 7th, 3:30pm

University Park Elementary Loftus Road, Fairbanks, AK, USA

All Childhood Immunizations will be available.

Please bring your child's shot record.

Call: 452-1776