A Note From Your School Counselor

Mrs. Hoffman

Welcome Back!

Another school year is upon us, and I cannot be more excited to be your child's school counselor! Look for these monthly newsletters in your child's homework folder for more information regarding upcoming counseling groups, classroom guidance lessons, and additional resources for you to access at home.

Let Me Introduce Myself...

What's Happening Right Now

  • I will be spending the first 2 weeks of school introducing myself and explaining what a school counselor does.

  • In September, I will start my weekly guidance lessons. More specific information regarding the topics of these lessons will come at a later date.

  • New Student Groups will begin September 1st. If your child is being asked to participate in a group, a permission slip will be sent home.

Why Contact The Counselor?

"I have a lot of difficulty dealing with my stepchild."

"My parents are getting a divorce. I don't know what's going to happen or what to do."

"I'm new to school and I'm having trouble making friends."

"Sarah always tells me she doesn't have homework, but I found out she isn't doing it."

"I need some ideas for how to help students get along."

"David scores high on standardized tests, but hardly makes passing grades in school."

"I have a bad temper and need to learn how to control it."

"Jane hasn't been herself lately. She's preoccupied with something."

If you or your child are struggling in any aspect of your life, I am here to help!

Contact Me

If you need assistance in any way, do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email to schedule a conference!