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Brazil is in the middle of the north and south ocean.

The capital of Brazil is Brazilia.
Brazil is 3.228 million square miles
Brazil is divided into five primary geographic areas: the northernGuiana Highlands; Brazilian Highlands central and east; the massive Amazon River Basin; Pantanal wetland areas of the southwest, and the Southern Highlands
Natural resources are bauxite, gold, iron ore, manganese, nickel, phosphates, platinum, tin, rare earth elements, uranium, petroleum, hydropower and timber.
Brazil mines and refines petroleum products.
The currency is Brazilian Real
Brazil is a part of the Federal Republic.
The Brazilian Armed Forces is the combination of three military branches that were created to safeguard Brazil's vast territory, coastline and airspace.
There are several different concepts of social classes in Brazil, but the one that is mostly adopted by the market classifies society as letters from A to E.
The dominant religion of Brazil historically was and still is Christianity.
Total life expectancy is 75 years.
Brazilian speak Portuguese.

Education in Brazil

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