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EES readers set a fast pace but need greater accuracy for reading achievement

Our media center is a busy place to be. Students have checked out a total of 17,521 books since August. Students have taken 10,011 AR tests. The percent of our students who averaged 85% or higher on those AR quizzes is only 36%. For greater reading achievement we need to see ALL of our students earning 85% averages or higher on AR quizzes.

Mrs. V and volunteers have shelved 16,169 books since August. We are so grateful for our volunteer shelvers: Mr. Ridle and Mrs. Herring. Each volunteer spends 8 hours per week helping Mrs. V. shelve. Our Adopt-A-Shelf student team also helps organize books on shelves. Every bit helps.

We have added 119 books to our collection since August. Many new titles have a waiting list of students eager to read them. The Long Haul, our new Diary of a Wimpy Kid title, is the most requested book in the media center.

A Hero Returns

School Store @ EES Media Center

EES School Store helps raise money for books, bookmarks, and AR rewards.

Monday thru Thursday, 7:30-7:50 a.m.

Fridays, all day.

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