Team Canada takes speaker awards

EurOpens Debates a great start for Team Canada 2020

Teams break well and take all the speakers awards from 5th to 8th

Team Canada reconvened on November 14th, 2019 in Hamburg, Germany at the EurOpens debate tournament. After coach Jason Xiao arrived, the debaters eagerly continued to work on refining their prepared cases, a process which would take place over the next two nights as well. The first prepared motion was 'THW nationalize energy companies in order to combat climate change' and the second prepared motion was 'This House believes that the EU should punish member states that sell weapons to undemocratic regimes.' After 4 rounds on the prepared motions (both sides!) and 4 rounds of impromptu debates, we discovered that Canada Central (Max, Matt F, Isaac, and Alison) broke 3rd and that Canada East broke 4th (Angela, Reana, Nick, and Kathryn) with just a half a speaker point behind Central!

After some riveting outrounds involving the use of modern standards to judge current political figures who made past mistakes and removing veto power from the Permanent 5 members of the UN Security, Canada Central was eliminated in the Quarters against Team Netherlands on a 2-1 split, while Canada East was eliminated in the Semis against Team China on a 4-1 split in the semis.

Although we had to rush off to catch a flight and thus missed the awards ceremony, congratulations are in order for Matthew Farrell who placed 5th speaker, Max Rosen who placed 6th speaker, Angela Li who placed 7th speaker, and Matthew Anzarouth who placed 8th speaker.

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