3S Sensations

Week of 5.26

A Note From Ms. Salazar...


It was so nice seeing you at Open House this week. The kiddos were super excited to show off all of their hard work from this year.

Next Week:


We will continue RAH minutes with the log but other HW will be light :)

Field Trip

Our last trip will be next Wednesday. We'll be walking to Greenfield Hall. Please help your child remember to wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and to pack a lunch for us to enjoy on Greenfield Hall's back lawn.

Scholastic Summer Reading

Your child will be logging their reading minutes this summer in an attempt to break our record from last year! The link to the site is below and on my Eboard. Students have their log on information. Please let me know if you have any questions or difficulty logging on!


Boosterthon will also be next week. For more information, please visit this link: http://www.boosterthon.com/ and check out Mr. Bissinger's note below:

Boosterthon Fun Run and Character Education Program

We’re excited to host the 9-day Boosterthon Fun Run. We kick off the fun, healthy, and character-building program on June 1st at 215 PM in the APR. Plus, students will be learning five ways to make their community rock with Boosterthon’s character theme Rock’n Town Live, a music festival theme all about community. Along the way, students will gather pledges for how many laps they’ll run at the Boosterthon Fun Run event, which is on June 10th (Schedule Coming Soon). Your family is invited to come out and cheer on your student! Thank you for your support!

Other important upcoming dates:

5/30 Lizzy Haddon 5K, 8 AM- See information Below

6/1 Boosterthon Pep Rally 145-215, APR

6/4 5th Grade Orientation at HMS, 8 AM-10 AM

6/8 Bookworm Assembly 145 PM- 230 PM, APR

6/10 Boosterthon Fun Run

6/11 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, 630 PM

6/12 Paver Order Deadline-See information Below

6/15 Community Meeting, 10 AM, APR

6/17 Field Day, 9AM

6/17-6/19 Half Day For Students, 1230 PM Dismissal

6/18 5th Grade Lip Sync, 10 AM

6/19 Awards Assembly, 9 AM

6/19 Last Day Of School

6/19 Report Cards Available on Genesis, Preschool-5th Grade, 1230 PM

3S Videos

If you were unable to join us at Open House, or if the service did not allow you to view the videos using QR codes, please feel free to check out our Vimeo Channel-with all of our videos from this year! :)

Strings Concert!

Health Barn

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Amazing Assembly

Chomp, chomp, chomp. Yum! We had our first healthy assembly. The Health Barn USA came. At the Health Barn, kids plant food and only eat things they they plant or stuff that is natural. This week, Health Barn came to Lizzie Haddon. The woman who talked to us brought a lot of food like natural cereal, edamame, watermelon, and canteloupe. We also got to try a smoothie that the woman created. It was so good. At the assembly she called people up to be her "food critics". They got to try foods from different food groups. For example, we got to see people test rice milk, soy milk and normal milk for the dairy. We all got to try new foods that we really like and will help us be healthier.

We hope that we learn to be healthier and this article encourages you to do the same.

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Coordinate Cooperation

P.S. We say the words that are in regular font, and you say the words that are not in regular font...

Hey viewers

Hey what

Are you ready

for what

To plot

Plot what

Coordinate Points!

You may be wondering what in the world coordinate points are. Well they are used to find a certain place on the grid. You have to do certain things: the first #tells you to go to the side and the second# tells you to go up. If you think about it it is like a multiplication table!!!

WE HOPE YOU LEARNED A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By:Teagan and Skye!!!

Plotting Points


Maps. websites, communities, oh my! This week we did social studies. We finished our web sites and maps and made QR codes for the websites. A QR code is a bunch of lines that get scanned and show you something online. There is an app for scanning QR codes. For example, a QR code can bring you to mix.com when you scan it. On Open House Night, the parents used the app to scan QR codes to see different websites. Unfortunately, the websites were not working right on the phones so we used computers. Social Studies was a blast! We can't wait until next week.

Raging Reading

Tick tock tick tock. It was almost lunch. I was flipping the pages like mad. I need to finish this book. In reading we did a scavenger hunt to find text and graphic features like index maps, title and photographs. We did it with a partner. One other thing we did this week was, Ms Salazar made a humongous scroll and she put different information text on it. We had to color different text and graphic features. For example, we had to color text and graphic features red if they were a diagram. That's what happened this week.
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Text Mapping

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3S Fairy Tales

Click to view our iMovie recordings!

Writing Workshop

Scribble, scribble, scribble. We can hear the pencils rubbing against the paper fast and furiously. Finally, our writing celebration came! We were sooooo excited. Ms.Salazar put us in small groups, to read our fairy tales to each other.

We also made imovies for our fairy tales. Ms. Salazar let us record them ourselves. We read our stories into the speaker. Then, we added the pictures we made for our scenes.

Finally, we made QR codes for fairy tales. QR codes look like this. QR codes show you someones work on electronics. To all parents, so see your child's or anyone else's QR codes, you will need to get an app called QR Scanner. Me and Lilly loved to tell you about our week.

By, Kaite and Lilly