Seasonal News letter

Lawnz-N-More New Lower Monthly Maintenance Service Price Starting In May ! ! !

Lawnz-N-More has over 30 years combined experience and has been serving Hillsborough, Pasco, & Pineallas Counties since 2001.

We are new to the Highlands At Scotland Yard community and agreed upon reaching 10 monthly maintenance service plan customers we would reduce the price from $50 to $42 a month. While we haven't quite yet reached our goal of 10 we very much appreciate all the business we have gotten through word of mouth and as a courtesy we are reducing our monthly maintenance service plan price to $42 a month starting in May.

Again it is a pleasure to provide our services to your wonderful community and we appreciate all the referrals from our clients that have greatly help us grow our business at the Highlands at Scotland Yard.