The Titanic Disaster

By Lorena Dimas

Elsie Doling's Story

Elsie Doling was one out of four people that survived from the sinking.Elsie was only 18 when she borrted the ship,she was in the second class.Elsie went with her sister-in-law.After years later she lived in Southhamton Hampshire Englind,she was born December 30,1893.Elsie married got married to a docter,had four kids.Then she moved with her family to Bombay,India.Years later she died 1972.

What I Think

All Elsie Doling wanted to do was go to New York and start a new life but,no they didnt listen and egnored it like nothing is going to happen.Elsie wouldv'e been a normal person but I bet she had that very rpoblem saying to her self"I wish i haden gone on that ship and,waited.