Multimedia Festival 2014-2015

Navigating Technology; What will you discover?

Multimedia Festival May 14th, 2015

The second annual Crosby ISD Multimedia Festival will be held in May this year. The MMF is an opportunity for students to showcase projects they created using technology. This assignment can be one created outside the classroom or integrated into classroom work. Entries are not mandatory, but we ask that you encourage students to participate.

Project information will go out to students on January 12. Students, at that time, may start submitting projects. There will be prizes for winning projects and teachers who have

student participation.

All projects will be due March 26th.The later date will give more students the opportunity to compete and teachers more time to help prepare them with the ideas and tools they need.


DO YOU KNOW A BUSINESS WILLING TO SPONSOR THE MMF? If so, please tell your instructional tech!

New Grade Categories

The contest categories will be divided differently this year, adding more opportunities to win.

Grade categories





Student Project Submission

All Student work samples will need to be submitted via Edmodo this year. Students will need to enter the code (according to their grade) in Edmodo to join the "class" and will submit their project there. **If there is a problem with uploading their project, students can submit work to the instructional tech at their campus.


K-2: 8nx29f or use this link:

3-5: tdgtu4 or use this link:

6-8: sdpqaf or use this link:

9-12: iefs3s