Surveillance Technology

By: Marlin Quevedo

Is it important?

Surveillance technology is both good and bad for many reasons. Sure it helps keep your house and other places safe, but adults don't like the idea that their privacy is being invaded. Even when sending messages the NSA has to take a quick look at them. They need their privacy. If there was no surveillance cameras would the environment really be safe?

Pros of surveillance technology

Many people think surveillance technology is a good idea. For example:

  • Helps police find evidence for crimes
  • Keeps schools secure
  • Can keep houses safe from break-ins and burglary
  • Can see who breaks the laws

In the article 'Catching and Eyeful it states "Using cameras to stop or prevent crime is becoming more common in Chicago and other cities". it also states " is only one of the three main ingredients needed to create the safest schools possible".

This is some evidence that surveillance technology is a great idea and it helps a lot.

Cons of surveillance technology

Although many people think it's a good idea while others disagree. For example:

  • People want their privacy on the internet and more
  • They cost too much
  • Surveillance cameras are difficult to set up.
  • Parents don't want their kids feeling like prisoners in school

In the article 'Catching an Eyeful' it states "...City Council ordered a halt to a camera surveillance project, citing privacy concerns and a need to reevaluate the project" and

in the article 'Surveillance Technology Keeps Schools Secure' is states "The other issue is fear that schools will come to resemble prisoners and students will feel like inmates".

This is some evidence that surveillance technology is a bad idea.