Pay It Forward

Act Of Kindness

Good Deeds

Would you like to have the world kind with no violence? Well there is a way and it all starts with you. One step at a time we can Pay It Forward. That means do good deeds you could do small ones then they can get bigger then people will do good deeds. So work with me here so people will be nicer and more helpful.Here are some things I did.
Mr. E looked like he needed hug so I gave him one and he was better the rest of the day. There is a little girl at my church who has a prosthetic leg and every sunday I help her cross the street because she has a limp. She is four and is the oldest kid in her family and she feels like she gets no attention so I give her attention.
My neighbors dogs always come to our house .The first time they came me and my sister, Emily, carried them back to there house which is about half a mile away in the cold weather. I got my coat dirty for them because they were dirty .So we get them back to the house there owner Paul says that they should get them a collar.Then we walk half a mile back and they may look light but they are heavy.Then they came back yesterday and I called Paul’s wife and say that there dogs are at our house.They had a collar but it was too big .I comfort little kids at my church who want there parent, or sad ,tired ,scared ,and hurt.
So see all the things I did that is just a few.Don’t bully if you bully someone could hurt or even kill there self. They could do a school shooting and hurt the person who bullied them.It is so mean even if your parents fight alot or someone in your family died don’t take your anger out on them.And if you want to hurt your self or someone else go talk to a teacher or parent.
Please listen to me Pay It Forward and don’t bully do good deeds for someone please.

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