Mirembe M.


The Shawnee decorated their clothing with beads, porcupine needles, and feathers. They also decorated moccasins with colorful ribbon. They made clothes out of deerskin.
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The Shawnee built houses called Wigwams. Wigwams were made of wood. They also had to be easy to heat.
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The Shawnees grew corn, squash, and beans. They also hunted rabbits, foxes and other small animals. They make syrup from tree sap. Today they buy food from supermarkets.
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Did you know that the Shawnee put a green snake in a toddlers mouth to bring them good luck? The Shawnee's creation legend says that Kohkumthena created Shawnee and taught them how to work and live.
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Did you know the Shawnee only walked? The Shawnee walked to get places.
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