Happy Holidays!

Think warm...think summer...think Camp!

Camp Twitch and Shout

"Where Tourettes finds friends, and friends inspire possibilities"

Camp dates: July 2nd to July 7th, 2017

Mandatory training for Volunteers starts the evening of June 30th

Applications on website now for Volunteers & CITs until December 31st

Applications for Campers starting January 1st, 2017

Go to: www.camptwitchandshout.org

Camp just keeps on giving...

We strive to give each of our Campers and families a gift...one that lasts all year long. We provide our Campers with an opportunity to take Camp Twitch & Shout home with them. Through their experiences with us, we hope to bring them the gifts of increased independence & resilience, new friendships, opportunities to practice mindfulness, and encouragement to embrace their individuality...along with enough memories to last a lifetime.

Through Volunteers like Jeremy and Sam, Campers like Jackson, support from caring professionals like Dr. Kenneth Phelps, and a workshop sponsored by the National TAA...to the accomplishments of Aaron Gibson on The Voice...camp continues to impact many families well beyond the gates of Camp. All of us in the Camp Twitch and Shout Family wish you the best Holiday Season ever!

Volunteers Sam, Jeremy, and Dumpy:

We can't say enough about our Volunteers Jeremy Hachen and Sam McFarlane! They have an incredible spirit, and a sense of fun that is hard to match. They bring a smile to the faces of everyone they meet with their positive attitude and silliness...elevate the level of spirit each summer...they are absolutely the best!

Sam and Jeremy have been inseparable since the day they met. They went to Appalachian State where they both studied History and became High School History teachers. Through their scholarship program, the North Carolina Teaching Fellows program, they volunteered for Camp Twitch and Shout in the Summer of 2011. Camp has since become a focal point of their lives and they consider it to be the best week of the year. They are passionate about The Society of the Blue Cabins and their campers.

P.S...Sam and Jeremy are both big fans of Dumpy. They admire his unique ability to bring a very specific joy to camp (also Dumpy has had a lot of grace to accept the loss of his election last summer).

Thank you so much Jeremy, Sam, and Dumpy for being a part of our Camp family!

Jackson's life lessons:

At age 11, I began taking basic ice skating lessons in a group class for beginners. Eventually, I evolved out of the class and started private lessons that worked more on movement, spins, and jumps. It is important to note that skating is not just a hobby for me – it is also a relief. Many people with Tourette Disorder often have an activity that decreases their tics significantly, and skating is mine; however, that is not the only reason why I love skating. It has taught me many things including how to deal with frustration and failure (on and off the ice) as well as how to appreciate what I can do instead of complain about what I cannot do. I have also been fortunate enough to help tutor younger kids in ice skating so that I can enjoy helping other kids to have similar experiences. Overall, ice skating has offered many benefits that have enhanced my life.

Another asset to my life is Camp Twitch & Shout, which I have attended as a camper and as a Leader-In-Training. This part of my life has been eye-opening for me since it helped me to accept my Tourette’s and OCD while normalizing my life through exposure to others living with these conditions. Camp is not just about the tics and fun activities though, but also about having a safe community that accepts differences. It is an environment of opportunity and acceptance for everyone who attends. Together, ice skating and camp has influenced my life in really positive ways that I hope to use in my life as I move forward.

Jackson Gaydon, Age 17

Parent Workshop Sponsored by the National TAA:

Camp Twitch and Shout hosted its first workshop for parents and caregivers in 2016 focused on sensory sensitivities, anxiety disorders, and educational accommodations for children living with Tourette. Due to the positive feedback and our wish to serve both children and their parents, we will be hosting our second workshop in 2017! Dr. Kenneth Phelps will be our featured speaker for the day. Dr. Phelps is a child and family therapist who has served as a national speaker for the Tourette Association of America. He currently works within the Tourette Center of Excellence - Southeastern Consortium at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine where he offers comprehensive behavioral intervention for tics (CBIT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), parent management training (PMT), and family therapy. The topic for our 2017 workshop will be "Practical Parenting for the Child or Teen with Tourette." This interactive and didactic presentation will cover a variety of parenting techniques, including descriptive praise, token economies, reflective listening, think throughs, giving effective commands, among others. Specifics of how to respond to youth experiencing rage, anxiety, or compulsive behavior will be covered. There will be ample opportunity for problem solving of common parental pitfalls and learning from peer parents in the group. The hope of our workshop is to not reduce parenting to a simple recipe (as it is certainly the most difficult job on the planet!), but rather offer an array of ingredients that parents and caregivers can individualize to their child. We hope you'll join us for this day long seminar!

Date: July 6th, 2017

Place: The Graduate Hotel, Athens, Georgia

Time: Approximately 9am until 4pm (to be determined)

Cost: Free

Registration: Starts when Camper Registration goes online on January 1st.

From 40,000 people in open auditions...to the Top 8 on NBC's The Voice!

Our Volunteer Counselor Aaron Gibson made it in to the top 8 of The Voice on NBC!

We're so proud of all that he accomplished and enjoyed cheering him on this Season. This is just the beginning for Aaron, and we're excited to follow his music career going forward...his future is so bright! Congratulations and we can't wait to see what's next?!

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Camp Twitch & Shout

Camp Twitch & Shout is a program of the

Tourette Information Center and Support of Georgia, Inc (501c3)

Camp Twitch & Shout is a one-week overnight camp for children ages 8-17 with a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome, located at Camp Twin Lakes Will-A-Way in Winder, GA.

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