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December 2021

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If you missed our webinar, you can find it archived in our NDAGC Forum Library. Visit to watch a recording of December's Forum. Forum's are open to the public.

December Forum: NAGC Highlights Denver 2021

This forum moderated by Jackie Owen highlighted the most current critical themes and ideas learned from members who attended NAGC in November. Dr. Yee Han Chu will share the poignant ideas learned from attending sessions on parenting. Ann Duchscher will share the latest on equity and under-represented populations in gifted programs, and Beth Ustanko will share the best ideas and strategies learned in the curriculum and instruction of the gifted.

December Forum Panel Members


Panelist's Highlights

Ann Duchscher -Equity

Ann discussed highlights from the conference on optimal identification of gifted students. She discussed:
  1. How to assess students more deeply
  2. How to create statistically optimal Identification

Dr. Yee Han Chu- Parent Issues

Dr. Yee Han Chu discussed highlights from the conference on how to become a parent advocate. She discussed:

  • What is advocacy?
  • How to be your child's voice
  • How to communicate your child's needs
  • How to share your child's story

What Can Parents and Teachers Implement Tomorrow?

  1. Yee Han Chu- use the word "gifted"
  2. Beth Ustanko- explore Project A3
  3. Beth Ustanko- listen and explore the resources from The Neurodiversity Podcast

Recommendations and Advice

  1. Yee Han Chu- attended conferences of notable people to hear experts share their experience
  2. Beth Ustanko- conferences provide the opportunity to interact with experts in the field
  3. Ann Duchscher-attend conferences to show the community the value of gifted education


Parent Advocacy Resources

Author Resources

  • Scott Peters, PhD
  • April Wells